Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Giveaway: Win a SIGNED copy of Divergent by Veronica Roth!

We've officially hit 100 followers! WHOO-HOO! *Does Happy Dance*

To celebrate, we've got an extra special treat!

We're giving away a copy of Divergent, signed by the author, Veronica Roth! Plus, some Faction inspired temporary tattoos (for those of you not quite Dauntless enough to sport the real ones)!

If you haven't heard of Divergent, check out our previous post that's a top ten list of what we loved about it most!

This contest will be open until Midnight, central time on June 25th, 2011!

You can get up to five entries in this contest! By following the blog, tweeting or facebooking about it, telling us about your faction, or having previously commented somewhere on this blog!

Edit: This contest is U.S. only! We apologize for not putting this up originally. When the contest closes, we will choose the winner using a randomizer, and then contact them. If we don't hear back from them within 48 hours, we will choose again.



Out of 136 entries, the random number generator chose number 39!

which is....

****more obnoxious drumrolls******


Congrats, Diana! 

We've got another signed book lined up for our next giveaway later in the summer, so stay tuned!