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Blog Tour: Pantomime by Laura Lam Review and Character Interview

Today we have the pleasure of hosting the Pantomime Blog Tour!!!!  We were lucky enough to get to do a character interview with Micah!  Be sure to check out my review at the bottom of this post.


Hey Micah, Thanks so much for visiting the YA Sisterhood!!!


Thank you for having me, though I don’t quite understand this contraption you call a computer. It must be Vestige.


We’ve got a few questions for you!


1.) What went through your mind with that first jump on the trapeze?


Honestly, not a lot. It was the best plan I could think of at the moment to try and join the circus, and looking back maybe it wasn’t the smartest one. But at least it worked and I didn’t become a pancake of a boy like the ringmaster thought I would.


2.) Besides flying, What’s your favorite part of the circus?


The people. I like the friends I’ve made here, and how no matter how different we all are, we have our own little community. Arik, the other aerialist who is teaching me, has grown to be like an uncle. And then there’s Aenea of course, my partner on the trapeze. Drystan the clown, who used to frighten me but he doesn’t anymore. The “freaks” of Tauro the Bull-Man, Juliet the Leopard Lady, Bethany the bearded woman. Granted, there’s some here I’m not so keen on, but on the whole I think I’m winning them over to my side.


I also like that we’re separate. This is our own haven. Already, I feel removed from the city folk, even though I used to be one of them. We’re out here on the beach, playing a joke on the world.


3.) There is so much magic surround the Alders.  What’s the coolest artifact you’ve ever come across?


‘Coolest?’ As in cold temperature? I’m afraid don’t know what you mean. There was one I saw in the Mechanical Museum of Antiquities that chilled me to the core. The Brass Woman. But I don’t want to say too much about her. 


4.) Tell us something about you that we don’t learn in Pantomime.


 My first memory is a strange, bright light. Blue and green. I don’t know what it means, but I dream of it sometimes.


5.) Just for fun, we have a few this or that questions for you!  Choose your favorite (or which one you are more prone to) of the pair, and feel free to elaborate!


Love or War? Love

Fire or Ice? Fire

Water or Sky? Sky

Kiss or Cuddle? Cuddle

Fight or Flight? Flight if possible, fight if I have to.


Pantomime by Laura Lam

ARC received from Strange Chemistry

Release Date: 2-5-2013

Reviewed by:  Middle Sis Jenn

After reading this book, I’m kind of stuck in limbo as to my impression of it.  It was definitely the strangest book I have ever read; I’m just not sure if strange is for me or not.

So, I’ll start with the things I enjoyed.  I loved the world in which Pantomime was set.  It is an old world, full of superstitions and the briefest hint of magic.  At one time, there were beings called Alders who were, essentially, like gods.  They were beautiful and intelligent and strong, and most importantly, they were magical.  However, at some time for some unexplained reason, the gods either left or died out.  But, they left behind remnants and artifacts of their magic.  These were the things that were so interesting in the book.  I wish there would have been more because I just know that these Alders are going to play a role in the future books!

I also enjoyed seeing inside the world of the strange.  The circus was fantastic—macabre yet beautiful.  The inside look into the minds of these people was brilliant, and I found myself pleasantly surprised by how much I felt for them.  I’ve always been a fan of the circus, and Pantomime allowed me to live it.

Now, what bothered me.  First off, I felt there were way too many details.  There were entire pages I skipped and never missed a single important detail.  There was never a time when I had to go back and read what I skipped.  That tells me that the book is too long, and it needed to be edited down.  It was almost 400 pages, and I think it could have easily been in the 300 area.  I might have had an easier time staying focused had it been shorter.

The thing that bothered me the most was that the blurb did not fit the book at all.  I was under the impression that there was some sort of magic or evil that Micah and Gene were going to uncover, but there wasn’t anything like that, at least in this first book.  (I think there might be more magic in the next one).  Instead, it was focusing on Micah and Gene and their struggle to be comfortable in their own skin.  It was more of a coming of age tale in the world of mystery and magic than it was anything else.  The subject matter (which is a huge spoiler and I won’t say anything else) also bugged me.  The sexual components of the story were awkward for me, as well.  I’m not sure I would recommend it to many readers.

After looking at other reviews, many people loved it.  I will admit it was unique and I have not read anything like it, but I’m afraid it ranked too far up on my weird-o-meter for me to truly enjoy it.  With all that being said, I still find myself wanting to know what’s next.  So, who knows, maybe after giving it some space, I will think differently and look forward to the next book.



(Bio under the “about” section)

Twitter: @LR_Lam





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Teaser Tuesday: Spellcaster by Claudia Gray

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by MizB over at Should Be Reading!
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•Grab your current read
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(make sure what you share doesn't give too much away! You don't want to ruin the book for others!)


Spellcaster by Claudia Gray
Release Date:  3-5-2013
Published by:  HarperTeen

"What if I'm the reason Nadia's going to die?"
"The future was rushing toward him--his future and his curse."
Both from an ARC, pg 35

I was so excited to get the chance to read an early copy of Spellcaster.  I love Claudia Gray, and this was something different from her past books.  While it didn't end up being one of my favorite Claudia Gray books, it was still interesting--especially because it centered around witches.  I think witches are neglected in the YA paranormal world!

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Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder by Marissa Meyer
Published by Feiwel and Friends
On Shelves Now
Reviewed by:  Middle Sis Jenn
The Sisters Say:  Charming (as in Prince….hehehe), Captivating, and Cool
Humans and androids crowd the raucous streets of New Beijing. A deadly plague ravages the population. From space, a ruthless lunar people watch, waiting to make their move. No one knows that Earth’s fate hinges on one girl. . . .

Cinder, a gifted mechanic, is a cyborg. She’s a second-class citizen with a mysterious past, reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister’s illness. But when her life becomes intertwined with the handsome Prince Kai’s, she suddenly finds herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle, and a forbidden attraction. Caught between duty and freedom, loyalty and betrayal, she must uncover secrets about her past in order to protect her world’s future

So, I finally broke down and read Cinder because I have an ARC of Scarlet, and I needed to know what all the hoopla was about.  I really enjoyed it; however, it had been put on such a high pedestal that I don’t think it could have ever lived up to the hype for me.  I was expecting it to just blow me away, and I ended up just getting another good YA book.  (Now, Scarlet, on the other hand, did blow me away!)

I am kind of new to fairy-tale retellings, only having read a few, so I really enjoyed that part of this story.  I loved how Marissa had taken the classic characters and morphed them into something new and different, yet echoing the sentiments of the originals.  I especially loved what she did with Cinder, making her a cyborg in a world where cyborgs are looked upon as little better than scrap metal.  She was a pariah, yet she didn’t let that hold her down.  Cinder knew exactly what she wanted, and even in the face of adversity, loss, and unimaginable revelations, she kept her focus and her strength.  I found myself cheering for Cinder to succeed and win the guy.  Cinder herself was by far the best part of this book—so unique, and I really loved her personality as it shined through the pages.

Now, I’m not sure I understand the fandom behind Kai.  I remember during our Crush Tourney this past summer that so many people loved him, but I just don’t see it.  Yes, he’s this Prince Charming guy, but other than that, there wasn’t anything striking about him.  He just seemed to be this normal guy in a not so normal situation and place in society.  He seemed weak with the Lunars (although most people are I will admit), and I just wanted him to be more…confident and charismatic.  I’m hoping that in the future books he will grow into his position more, and stop worrying about what the world thinks/wants. 

I really enjoyed the world that Marissa created—futuristic in some ways, but in other ways, the same as ours.  Earth is being ravished by a deadly plague, and as a result, fear and panic are overwhelming.  I could feel the tension and the uncertainty in Marissa’s words, and her world seemed to come alive around me.  I loved the androids and technology that Marissa described, and I look forward to seeing more of it in the future.

I wish that it would have been a little less predictable.  But maybe Marissa wanted us to be able to predict what was going to happen, I don’t know.  However, I like when I am surprised by the ending or a revelation in the book, and unfortunately, I did not get a surprise in this one.  I saw everything coming, and that was without knowing anything about the book in the first place.  Here’s to hoping that the next books will leave more in the shadows.

Overall, this was a great and fun read.  Is it one that I will rush over to my friends and demand they read at once?  Not normally, but having read Scarlet and knowing what is coming, I just might do it anyway. 

Want more Cinder?  It's also available in audiobook format!  Check out a sample here

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Book Spotlight: Kiss Crush Collide by Christina Meredith

So....I just recently received a finished copy of Kiss Crush Collide by Christina Meredith from HarperTeen, and since its already been reviewed on our blog, I decided just to do a quick spotlight on it.  I haven't started reading it yet, but it will be up soon on my TBR.  After all, I'm always needing a quick, romantic read to hoist me from my paranormal/dystopian obsession.

The reviews I've read of this one are all over the place, but Sarah, our honorary sister, reviewed and loved it!  You can read her review here

What Leah did—only she really shouldn’t have—one hot night at a country club party.

What Leah has—only she really shouldn’t have—on the guy with the green eyes, the guy who is not her perfect boyfriend, the guy who does not fit in her picture-perfect life, the guy her sisters will only mock and her mother will never approve of. Not in a million years.

What happens when everything you always thought you wanted—having cool friends, being class valedictorian and homecoming queen—runs smack into everything it turns out you really do want.

Kiss. Crush. Collide.
For Leah and Porter, summer is only the beginning.
So, this one sounds like it would be a great weekend read!  If you've read it, please let me know what you thought!!!!

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Pivot Point by Kasie West

Pivot Point by Kasie West
ARC received from HarperTeen
Release Date:  2-12-2013
Reviewed by:  Middle Sis Jenn
The Sisters Say:  Powerful, Poignant, and Perfect
Knowing the outcome doesn’t always make a choice easier . . .

Addison Coleman’s life is one big “What if?” As a Searcher, whenever Addie is faced with a choice, she can look into the future and see both outcomes. It’s the ultimate insurance plan against disaster. Or so she thought. When Addie’s parents ambush her with the news of their divorce, she has to pick who she wants to live with—her father, who is leaving the paranormal compound to live among the “Norms,” or her mother, who is staying in the life Addie has always known. Addie loves her life just as it is, so her answer should be easy. One Search six weeks into the future proves it’s not.

In one potential future, Addie is adjusting to life outside the Compound as the new girl in a Norm high school where she meets Trevor, a cute, sensitive artist who understands her. In the other path, Addie is being pursued by the hottest guy in school—but she never wanted to be a quarterback’s girlfriend. When Addie’s father is asked to consult on a murder in the Compound, she’s unwittingly drawn into a dangerous game that threatens everything she holds dear. With love and loss in both lives, it all comes down to which reality she’s willing to live through . . . and who she can’t live without.

At some point in your life, you are going to (or have already) read Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Less Traveled.”  And at some point in your life, you are going to be at a crossroads and you will have to choose right or left.  Unless, you are Addison Coleman.  Addison, lucky dog, gets to kick Robert Frost in the face and say “Suck it Frost because I can travel both!”  Kasie West has written a superb debut novel about love and loss, freedom and tyranny, truth and deceit.  One decision I can make without wondering about the future:  I will definitely be reading the sequel to Pivot Point! 

Addison is a Searcher, someone who can see down both roads of her future, no matter the ultimate choice.  When she is forced to choose which parent to live with after a divorce, she searches to see what the future holds.  I really enjoyed how this novel was told—in alternating “realities” as Addie’s search continues.  It was crazy to see how the people in each of her “realities” mold and shape the person that she becomes, in each reality, different strengths and weaknesses present themselves.  I was awed at how seamlessly Kasie was able to weave Addie’s two separate lives, and I couldn’t believe it when I blinked and was almost done with the book!

Pivot Point was a quick and fun read, and I never felt like there was a dull moment.  At times I felt like I was watching a horror movie and I wanted to scream, “Look behind you!” because Addie would discover something that was useless in one reality, but it was something she really needed to know in the other.  So, it wasn’t the action and events themselves that made it feel like I was watching a horror flick, but it was the dramatic irony of me knowing something that Addison didn’t.  I just wanted to swoop in there and tell her everything she needed to know!  This was also what made the book so breath-taking.  I was on the edge of my seat waiting for her to discover the truth.

While Addie wasn’t my favorite heroine, I still admired her confidence and rules.  She didn’t give in to bullying, and her code of morality was inspiring.  My heart went out to her as she suffered heartbreak and loss, and I truly wished that I could give her a great big hug.  I did like her much more in one reality than I did in the other (I won’t say which because of spoilers), and I found myself like this with her best friend, Leila.  It’s just crazy to see how much your environment can shape her attitude and actions.

And the boys….Duke and Trevor.  I was Team Trevor right from the get go.  Though he’s not normally the kind of guy I fall for (he’s too sweet and a comic book geek—but still a tough football guy), I couldn’t help but swoon for him.  Plus, he managed to make me laugh out loud (literally, had to stop and catch my breath) with his description of Charles Dickens as a zombie, so that’s a major plus!  Trevor just seemed truthful and real, and I felt like him and Addie just melded together better than she and Duke.  Although Duke did have his charms.  He’s the quarterback, all charm and smiles; but something about him just nagged at me.  So, I disregarded him and grabbed my “Team Trevor “ sign.

And the ending….I’m not really sure I completely understood what was happening at the end, but I can say that it has left me screaming for the next book!!!!! 

This was a fantastic debut by Kasie West, and I look forward to more from her.  Kasie’s world of magic (or mind powers…whatever you want to call it) will suck you straight in.  So, need a new book to read?  Quit standing at the crossroads—instead, join Addie as she spikes Robert Frost’s famous words right back down his throat!  hehe

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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Everbound by Brodi Ashton

Hey everyone!  The YA Sisterhood is crazy excited to host the EVERBOUND Blog Tour and Giveaway today!  A Big Thank You to Rockstar Book Tours for hosting this tour!  We are huge fans of the Everneath series (even though we all are on different teams), and we can't wait to see what's next!
Be sure to enter to win a signed copy of EVERBOUND after my review!
Everbound by Brodi Ashton
ARC received from HarperTeen
Release Date:  1-22-2013
Reviewed by:  Middle Sis Jenn
The Sisters Say:  Ever-lustful, Ever-heart-breaking, Ever-entertaining
Nikki Beckett could only watch as her boyfriend, Jack, sacrificed himself to save her, taking her place in the Tunnels of the Everneath for eternity — a debt that should’ve been hers. She’s living a borrowed life, and she doesn’t know what to do with the guilt. And every night Jack appears in her dreams, lost and confused and wasting away.

Desperate for answers, Nikki turns to Cole, the immortal bad boy who wants to make her his queen — and the one person least likely to help. But his heart has been touched by everything about Nikki, and he agrees to assist her in the only way he can: by taking her to the Everneath himself.

Nikki and Cole descend into the Everneath, only to discover that their journey will be more difficult than they’d anticipated — and more deadly. But Nikki vows to stop at nothing to save Jack — even if it means making an incredible sacrifice of her own.

In this enthralling sequel to Everneath, Brodi Ashton tests the bonds of destiny and explores the lengths we’ll go to for the ones we love.
I was scared to start this one because I am firmly in the Team Cole category (go ahead, judge me, I don’t care!), and I know that it can’t work out because he is, what I consider, the dark hero who will be responsible for Nikki’s freedom and her downfall.  Jack is her man, her white knight, and it will always be him she loves---blah!  So, there is where my hesitation came from, BUT I am so glad I read this one.  It was fantastic!  Brodi brought the Everneath to life (even though it is, technically, death), and I was drawn straight into this blood-thirsty, powerful, and upside-down world. 
Besides Cole, the world that Brodi created was my favorite part of the book.  In order to find Jack, Nikki must trek through the rings of the Everneath—all the while, facing darkness and dangers that are unthinkable and terrible.  Brodi borrowed slightly from Dante’s description of the Underworld, but she gave it her own spin.  The imagery was full and dimensional, and I really felt like I was watching it on the big screen as I was reading it.  The rings were somewhat non-threatening at times, but you just knew it was an illusion and that around the next corner lurked something completely and irrevocably evil.  The Everneath is full of amazing terror…I have no idea why Nikki wouldn’t want to rule it!  But that’s my maniacal lust for power that apparently Nikki doesn’t share J  Cole, sweetie, I will rule with you any day!
Nikki was the same Nikki as the one we saw in Everneath.  She is both strong and weak, depending on the situation, but it is her love for Jack that keeps her going.  I truthfully am not a huge fan of her because I think she is too rash.  She leaps head first without thinking about the consequences or even to see how far the fall might be.  She leaves behind her family and friends, with no explanations, and that kind of bugs me about her.  I admire her for risking her life for the person she loves, but I think there had to be a better way for her to handle everyone else.  So…that’s my beef with her, but it might just be me judging her because I think she’s choosing the wrong guy.
And my favorite:  Cole!!!!  Even for those of you who are firmly in the “Kick Cole’s Butt” Category,  I think you will like seeing a bit more from his background.  I loved seeing things from his perspective, and I think you can really see that Nikki is everything to him.  Now whether his intentions are pure are not—that’s yours to judge.  I think he is truly in love with her and that will eventually bring out his true heart, but he is so afraid of something that he keeps those true feelings hidden.  You can really see this in this installment because Cole’s friends are all concerned with protecting him from Nikki.  So while he might have ulterior motives (I mean he does want to take over the world), I still think his actions come from the heart—even though he technically doesn’t have one!  J
Looking back, I probably should have suspected, but I didn’t!  I didn’t see it coming at all!  And let me tell you, WoW!  What an ending it is!  I can’t believe I have to wait at least another year to find out how everything ends!!!!!
For fans of Everneath, mythology, and paranormal romance, this is a MUST READ!!!
I was sucked in from the very first page!
Everbound has it all!!!!!!!!!!!

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Teaser Tuesday: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by MizB over at Should Be Reading!
To participate all you have to do is:

•Grab your current read
•Open to a random page
•Share "teaser" sentences from somewhere on that page
(make sure what you share doesn't give too much away! You don't want to ruin the book for others!)

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
Release Date: 2-5-2013
Published by: Feiwel and Friends (Macmillan)
"Table legs screeched against tile and then the fighter had one hand wrapped around Roland's neck, lifting him clear off the floor."  ARC, pg. 19
So, I finally read Cinder because I had an ARC of Scarlet and I wanted to see what all the hoopla was about.  While I'll admit it was good and I can't wait to get further in to Scarlet, I'm not sure I'd classify it as drop down amazing.  Still, I'm glad I read it, and now with Scarlet...this Wolf guy--yum.  Mysterious.  Rebel.  Can pick up a man clear off the floor.  Ohhh, I like him already.

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Level 2 by Lenore Appelhans

Level 2 by Lenore Appelhans
ARC received from Simon Teen
Release Date:  Available Now
Reviewed by:  Middle Sis Jenn

Three levels. Two loves. One choice. Debut novelist, Lenore Appelhans has written a thrilling otherworldly young adult novel about a place that exists between our world (Level 1) and what comes after life (Level 2).

'I pause to look around the hive - all the podlike chambers are lit up as the drones shoot up on memories ... I've wanted to get out of here before, but now the tight quarters start to choke me. There has to be more to death than this.'

Felicia Ward is dead. Trapped in a stark white afterlife limbo, she spends endless days replaying memories, of her family, friends, boyfriend ... and of the guy who broke her heart. The guy who has just broken into Level 2 to find her.

Felicia learns that a rebellion is brewing, and it seems she is the key. Suspended between heaven and earth, she must make a choice. Between two worlds, two lives and two loves.

When I got this one in the mail, I was so excited to start reading it because I had heard such great things about it.  Unfortunately, this is one of those books that everyone seems to like but me.  So, I am going against the majority when I say that Level 2 left me bummed out and very disappointed.

The thing that bothered me the most about this book was the main character, Felicia.  I felt like she was a snotty 13 year old girl who only cared about what she wanted and nobody else mattered.  She even threw toddler-like fits where I could just imagine her throwing herself on the ground and banging her head and feet to get her way.  She was supposed to be this amazing savior-like character, but instead, all I saw from her was immaturity and irresponsibility.  I know this is harsh, but I've never been more annoyed by a character.

I also was frustrated with the religious tone of the book.  In my opinion there was too much talk about sex before marriage.  It was preachy at times, and then there were times when it was the opposite.  I'm just not sure there was a happy medium with the portrayal of religion in this book.  I don't have an issue with religion in a book at all, so don't think that's the reason.  I am a religious person, but there was just something that bugged me about how it was used in this book.

I did enjoy Julian.  He was mysterious (although not mysterious enough that I didn't know the secret he was hiding) and broody, which I like in a guy.  The problem, though?--I knew his secret!  In fact, I guessed everyone's secret pretty early which left no mystery in the rest of the book. :(

I did enjoy the different view of the afterlife, a world meant to help you come to terms with who you are/were.  It was interesting and definitely something that I hadn't seen before.  Unfortunately, the other things annoyed me so much that the good things about the book got pushed into the background. 

So, like I said, I am in the minority on this book, so you should definitely read it for yourself.  This book wasn't for me, but who knows, it could be one you like.

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Boundless by Cynthia Hand Blog Tour

Welcome to our stop on the Boundless blog tour!!!  We have got an amazing treat for you!!! But first, you need to go get some tissues and be prepared for tears and your heart to melt into a puddle of goo!!! Our little treat is an interview with TUCKER AVERY!!! And oh my word friends, he is such a sweetheart, and I feel like I have fallen in love with him all over again!!!  Without any futher gushing, here is our interview with The Tucker Avery!

Hi Tucker! We are so glad you are here with us today! You are a huge favorite on our Blog and are a regular  in our YA Crush Tournaments!  We have a lot of Team Tucker fans out there.
Uh, thanks?

First off, we want to know what your plans are for this next year? 
I'm going to help out at the Lazy God, which is my family's ranch. My dad hurt his knee last spring and things are tight, so I'm going to hang around and pitch in. Figure out what I'm going to do. I'm also really looking forward to the rodeo circuit this year. Thought I might even try my hand at some bull riding.

What do you think about Clara going to Italy for the summer? (We think you would have fun in Italy too, nudge nudge.) 
Right, me in Italy. Well, I do like pizza. I think it will be good for Car-- Clara. Help her get away, clear her head for a bit. Relax, maybe, before she heads off to school. I wish she could spend a little while back here, though, before she goes. We could go fishing or something.
Awww, that is so sweet!  We hope she spends some time in Jackson Hole too before she goes to college.  

What was going through your mind when you found out that Clara was part angel?
 I was in this weird state of disbelief. I mean, I believe in God and all, but I hadn't given a lot of thought to the idea of angels. And, like no thought to the idea of part-angels. I mean, I didn't even know there could be such a thing. It was unreal, like I'd stepped into a movie or a book or something.These things don't happen to regular people in the real world. But there she was, all glowing and beautiful and glorious (see what I did there?) and seeing's believing, I guess. And when I thought about it later, it made sense. Clara's always seemed to me to be something more than a normal girl. You should have seen her ski, that first time. It wasn't natural, to be that good at something right off like that.
(holy cowboys batman! I don't know about you guys, but I am meltiing!!! Melting I say!)

We know that you loved your truck Bluebell dearly (may she rest in peace), but here in Texas, the best ice cream will always be Blue Bell.  What's your favorite kind of ice cream? 
Don't remind me about Bluebell. I loved that truck. As far as ice cream goes, I'm a fan of plain old strawberry. The kind with chunks of strawberry in it. My mom makes some amazing homemade strawberry ice cream.

This question is from several of our followers.  They want to know what you were thinking when you kissed Clara in front of the waterfall? (**Cue the Tissues**)
 (clears throat). Well. I guess I was thinking that I wanted to kiss her before I wouldn't get to kiss her anymore. Clara has a whole big life to lead. And I was lucky to be part of that, for a while. But I guess the right thing to do would be to move on, for both of us. I didn't want to always be standing in the way of her destiny. Her dreams. She'd resent me for that, eventually. So I had to let her go. Which was hard. But you know what they say about loving something. You've got to let it go.
Ghaaaaaaaa!!!! He's so stinkin' sweet!!!

One last question, from the male prospective, who would you nominate to be in our YA Crush Tournament? 
Uh. I don't really read YA, but Clara was always going on about some guy named Daniel or Ren or somebody.
You're not alone Clara!

Okay, now we're done with grilling you. You can relax now! We just have a few this or thats.

Peas or Carrots  (showing dimples). Carrots.
Regular Oreos or Double Stuffed. Regular, with milk.
Red hair or Blonde. Red.
And, True or False
All is fair in love and war. False. And you can pass that on to Prescott. Love isn't a strategy. It's not a game. Although sometimes, I guess, you lose.

Wow!!! I'm still just speechless about this interview!  I cannot get over how sweet that boy is!  I am dying to read this book, and honestly before this interview, I was really torn between Tucker and Christian.  But now, I think I am TEAM TUCKER ALL THE WAY!!!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Cynthia Hand to letting us interview Tucker!  You are a stinkin' rockstar!

To find out everything you need to know about his blog tour, you can go visit Mundie Moms!

Boundless (Unearthly, #3)

The past few years have held more surprises than part-angel Clara Gardner could ever have anticipated. Yet from the dizzying highs of first love, to the agonizing low of losing someone close to her, the one thing she can no longer deny is that she was never meant to live a normal life.

Since discovering the special role she plays among the other angel-bloods, Clara has been determined to protect Tucker Avery from the evil that follows her . . . even if it means breaking both their hearts. Leaving town seems like the best option, so she’s headed back to California - and so is Christian Prescott, the irresistible boy from the vision that started her on this journey in the first place.

As Clara makes her way in a world that is frighteningly new, she discovers that the fallen angel who attacked her is watching her every move. And he’s not the only one. . . . With the battle against the Black Wings looming, Clara knows she must finally fulfil her destiny. But it won’t come without sacrifices and betrayal.

In the riveting finale of the Unearthly series, Clara must decide her fate once and for all.

BOUNDLESS (Unearthly #3) by Cynthia Hand
Harper Teen

January 22, 2013
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Cynthia Hand grew up in southeast Idaho (very near the Wyoming border). Currently she lives in southern California with her husband and two small children. She teaches courses in creative writing at Pepperdine University. She is the New York Times bestselling author of the Unearthly series with HarperTeen: UNEARTHLY, published in 2011, HALLOWED published January 17, 2012, and BOUNDLESS, due out in January 2013.
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