Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bracket for 2nd Annual YA Sisterhood Crush Tourney

Well everyone.....the time has come!  And let me just say, after the hours upon hours of counting nominations--this is how we felt:

But this is where the extreme fun begins!!!

Here are the final tallies for the top THIRTY-TWO (yes... what can we say? We couldn't bear to make it smaller than that. As you can see... some of them were EXTREMELY close). 

Will Infernal Devices 1070
Adrian VA/Bloodlines 1068
Dimitri VA 914
Four Divergent 813
Jem Infernal Devices 710
Peeta Hunger Games 654
Patch Hush Hush 642
Eddie VA 578
Christian VA 524
Simon Mortal Instruments 470
Daemon Obsidian 465
Finnick Hunger Games 456
Magnus Mortal Instruments 455
Ash The Iron Fey 431
Alec Mortal Instruments 410
Zachary Shade 359
Alex Delirium 353
Noah The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer 316
Aiden Covenant 277
Tod Soul Screamers 265
Kaidan Sweet Evil 264
Augustus The Fault in Our Stars 261
Etienne Anna and the French Kiss 253
Adam Shatter Me 249
Sam Shiver 241
Percy Percy Jackson 240
Lucas Starcrossed 224
Gale Hunger Games 217
Tucker Unearthly 215
Archer Hex Hall 211
Cricket Lola and the Boy Next Door 202
Vincent Die for Me 201

AND here is the Bracket!!!!!!

(click me!!!!)

At this point, we will begin narrowing down the list of advocates, and we will be contacting those peeps as soon as possible-- so keep an eye on your emails over the next few days. (We'll keep you updated on our progress via twitter.)  After we have contacted them, we will set up a schedule for the matches. All three of us sisters are attending ALA Annual together, so we'll work everything out while we're there.  We will post the schedule after the advocates have been chosen.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the nominations, and we hope you enjoy the 2nd Annual YA Sisterhood Crush Tourney!!!  So get ready to rally the troops and sprint to the polls.  Happy Voting! 

(I know....I'm obsessed with Big Bang Theory!)