Friday, June 15, 2012

YA Crush Tourney 2.0 Nominations!!!!!!!

It's time! 

Yep.... That's right. NOMINATION TIME. 

I know you're all SUPER excited (we are too)! But before we start, there's a couple of rules and such we must lay down. 


  • Each person  may nominate TEN book crushes. ONE TIME ONLY. If you submit more than one form-- all your nominations will be deleted. If you can't think of all ten now, you may want to wait, because once you submit, there's no adding more for places you left blank. 
  • You MAY NOT nominate the same character 10 times (or any more than once). If you do, your nominations will be deleted. 
  • They must be from a YA BOOK. If it's Mature YA/New Adult-- that's fine. But books that are definitely not YA will not count. 
  • You MUST, MUST, MUST put your character's name AND the Book Title. There are lots of characters named Adam and Alex and James, etc.... and we have no way of knowing which character you mean to nominate. Nominations without a book title will be DELETED. 
  • As WINNER of our 1st Crush Tourney-- JACE WAYLAND/LIGHTWOOD is not eligible to be nominated. All nominations for that lovable bad boy will be deleted. SORRY. 
  • Please be patient as we count nominations. It takes a very long time. We'll try to update you once a day. And while we are widely read, we haven't read EVERYTHING. If we spell a character's name or Book wrong, we're sorry. Please let us know. 

Did you get all that? We know it's a lot of rules... but we're trying to keep things running as smoothly and fairly as possible. We know your brains are probably pre-occupied with fictional yumminess. 

Well.... I think we've stalled long enough. Keep checking back on this post for updates on nominations! 

Nominations are closed, and the final tournament contestants have been posted