Friday, February 24, 2012


Guys! It’s hard to believe that Amy and I started the YA Sisterhood one year ago. I remember sitting on my couch, working on that background, asking Amy which book covers we should include in the background. I remember posting that first review (the wonderful Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini) and being ecstatic over the 10 hits we got. I remember screaming when Josephine herself tweeted about the review on twitter. 

We’ve come a long way since then (but I still scream every time we interact with an author). On a whim, last summer (after only a few months blogging), we decided to hold a tournament pitting hot YA boys against each other. We grew up in a sports household, but talking about Jace and Peeta is much more entertaining for us than talking about UT and OSU. The next thing we knew, our hits exploded, and people all over the world were chiming in with their favorite YA Crushes. Authors that we obsessed over in private were tweeting about it on Twitter and mentioning it on their blogs. Our blog grew exponentially, expanding from about 100 followers to a 1000 within two months time. We made some fantastic blogger friends (here’s looking at you advocates!), formed relationships with some of our favorite authors, added a sister-in-law and a few honorary sisters, and had more fun than we ever could have anticipated. You guys know how the story goes from there… we continued blogging and strengthening those relationships. Then we held the Heroine Tourney, which allowed us to celebrate the counterpoints of those YA Crushes that had started it all. And now we’ve come full circle. In a year, we’ve had over 900,000 hits, and are approaching that big MILLION mark. 

This blog has become so much more than we ever planned. And we have you all to thank for that! Seriously, we love opening our emails to see comments from you guys. We can waste hours talking books with you on Twitter. And to thank you all for your wonderful support, we’re holding our SUPER MEGA GIGANTIC AWESOME BLOGOVERSARY GIVEAWAY!  We’ve got ARCS! We’ve got signed books! We’ve got SWAG! And we want you all to have a chance to win it! So, thanks again for everything you’ve done!!!

Starting this weekend, we will start celebrating!  Be sure to come back tomorrow to enter our 1st giveaway to thank all of you for such an amazing year!