Friday, August 16, 2013

Authors Are Rockstars: Sarah J. Mass Interviews SUSAN DENNARD!!!

It's that time again--the time where Bloggers come together to celebrate why we LOVE authors so much!!!!  I love this tour because it is so completely extensive that I get a little insight into so many different authors.  Then, of course, I become obsessive with reading all their books!!!!

I'm very excited to be hosting SUSAN DENNARD, author of SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY and its sequel that just recently hit shelves, A DARKNESS STRANGE AND LOVELY.  So, why is Susan a rockstar???  Glad you asked...

She's a freakin' rockstar, dear old "Sooz"
'Cause she brought us Daniel, who I'd like to schmooze;
And poor Miss Fitt, who turns her back upon the rules
And takes up with the hunters who others say are fools.
This was the first steampunk book I'd ever read,
And it won't be the last, I say without dread.
For Susan introduced me to a world unlike my own,
And for that, she's a rockstar, the best I've ever known!
So....there you have it!!!!  Hope you enjoyed my rhyme, and now it's time for the interview!!!
Sarah J Maas Interviews Susan Dennard
Go to The Fictitious Delicious to see Susan Interview Sarah J. Mass!
1. Sooz, let's just get down to the nitty-gritty: what is your spirit animal?

The Velociraptor. Because I’m a clever girl and can gut a man in less than 5 seconds. I also have an unhealthy obsession with my own reflection in freezer doors.

2. Don't forget your unhealthy obsession with terrorizing innocent people at jungle amusement parks. ANYWAY. Favorite Beer?

I like really hoppy IPAs. My current favorite is called "All-Day IPA". It tastes like grapefruit from the gods.

3. Favorite KDrama hunk? (I won't tell your hubby, I promise.)

Gong Yoo. Hot damn, that man... Also, I'm on a Lee Byung-hun kick. Dude is RIPPED.

4. Dude is effing GORGEOUS. *dies* Okay, serious question time: Sooz, what is your favorite thing about me (Sarah)?

Your absolutely terrifying laugh—it’s like an old witch’s cackle if that witch was tone deaf and had smoked her entire life. It’s music to my ears while also making my skin crawl.

5. Awww. Thanks, Soozyface. So, tell me about THE STARKILLERS CYCLE as if I don't know what it is.

THE STARKILLERS CYCLE is the online, serialized space opera that I coauthored with YOU (Sarah J. Maas). It's perfect for fans of epic sci-fi and steamy romance, and is set in a diverse and cutthroat galaxy. From an escaped convict with blood on her hands to a society girl turned fighter pilot, follow a sweeping cast of characters as they learn the galaxy is a far bigger—and more terrifying—place than they ever imagined.

Basically, this story is the best thing ever written in the entire history of the universe. It's a guaranteed intergalactic bestseller that was first inspired after we got a wee bit too tipsy on New Years Eve. Oh, and most important of all,
 you can read the first chapters here.
Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to go see Susan interview Sarah!!!!