Friday, December 6, 2013

Top 10 Covers of 2013

I love the end of the year because that's when I get to go back and reminisce on the great covers and great books.  Plus, you have all your "Best Of" and "Can't Waits" for the past and upcoming year!! 

So, here starts the first of the YA Sisterhood's "Best Of" Lists.  We might have some duplicate lists, also, as each of us has our own favorites!!!

So, here we go.  Best Covers of 2013 (in no particular order)...

I adore this cover!!!!  I love the vines and all the colorful insects.  This cover perfectly foreshadows the craziness that inhabits the book.

I love the flowing white dress with the red ribbon--very gothic and ethereal.

This one is absolutely perfect--the coloring and the clouds, along with the embrace.  This is one of those covers you just have to show off.
Gothic romance has become my favorite genre...and just look at that gorgeous cover.  Heartbreaking and beautiful.

I love the script and the ocean waves--perfect for the gothic horror of this book.

I really loved this book.  It was fun and unique, and I just love the cover!!!  Though I never read about a huge waterfall...

This was another of my favorite books of the year.  It was a bit hard to understand the world at first, but it ended up great.  And that beautiful rose?  Perfect symbol for the cover.

I love the covers in this series.  The coloring is always beautiful and you just know that Violet is kick butt!

I know so many complained about Jackson not gracing the cover, but no worries--he is on the back.  Plus, after you read this one, you might just want Death to grace the next cover, too.
I have not read this one yet, but I love the steampunk background combined with the gorgeous dress.
So, there you have it, my favorite covers of 2013.  I'm sure I have left out some amazing ones!  What are some of your favorites for this year?