Thursday, December 19, 2013

Top 14 YA Books of 2013

This part of the year is always so hard because each of us sisters read so many great YA books.  We always find ourselves debating which ones should end up in the top spots!  Our goal was to narrow it down to 13, but, of course, we weren't able.  So, we have the Top 14 of 2013.  So instead of actually ranking them 1-14 (which would never be possible...if you have sisters, or blogger friends, or book buddies--you understand), we are going to list the 14 (in no particular order) that we just couldn't have lived without this year!

I read this one very early in the year (yay for arcs), and it absolutely blew me away.  Pun intended.  I love how Shannon took something so simple (wind) and turned it into something unique and amazing. 

Oh Tahereh Mafi, you will always be one of my favorite authors.  This series really does break me down because the characters are so vivid--even the bad guys.  This is one of those books that I will definitely be reading again.

I was never a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland until A.G. Howard opened my eyes to such amazing possibilities.  This book was--Wow!!!!  Just WOW!!!  It's eerie and macabre, but at the same time, it carries a beautiful love story.  I highly recommend this debut novel (and the sequel, Unhinged, that comes out next month!)

This year my favorite sub-genre was YA Gothic.  I just love the eerie settings and macabre characters, and this book was by far the best of all the gothic ya out there.  The language was poetic and beautiful, and April made me fall straight into this world.  I cannot wait for the sequel.

This one was a complete and utter surprise to me because I had not read any Bourne-like ya books--in fact, I don't know of another one similar to this one--which makes it even better.  I loved the action and suspense that Jennifer created, and the boys---oh the boys!

While this one didn't get great reviews from most people, I, personally, loved it.  The idea of a New York that is almost completely under water was fascinating.  I've always been mesmerized by the depths of the ocean, and this book allowed me to see beneath the ripples into a world that was one mighty and strong.  I loved all the twists and turns, and I hope that more people will read this one.
Of course we had to put Sweet Peril in our list because, let's face it, who wouldn't?  This is such an amazing read, and I love that Wendy Higgins plays with the boundaries of YA.  This love story is heart-breaking and hot, and this is definitely one of my all-time favorite series.

I am not usually a high fantasy fan, but this series has completely captured my imagination.  I love the world of the Grisha, and this sequel was even better than the debut.  So many twists and turns, and The Darkling....the hottest villain out there.

We 3 sisters (and our mom) agree--this is one of the best series!!!  It's one of the only series where I would be okay with the girl choosing either guy!  Jessica Shirvington's writing is beautiful, and this installment will take you on a roller coaster ride full of feels!

If you have followed my tweets or some of my posts this year, you will know that Kresley Cole has become one of my favorite authors.  I loved Poison Princess and Endless Knight so much that I decided to check out her adult series, Immortals After Dark.  Read all 13 in less than a month.  She is an amazing writer, and her first 2 books in the ya genre are perfect!  Absolutely perfect.

I'm still Team Cole--even after everything that has happened.  But let me tell you, this sequel--left me speechless.  I did not see that ending coming at all, and I love that Brodi can surprise me!

I just started this series this year, and I adore it.  I love how Marissa has twisted the fairy tales into something new and fantastic. While I liked Cinder, I absolutely loved Scarlet.  It was full of wondrous detail and breath-taking characters.  I have Cress right now, and I can't wait to become addicted to it!

One of the best endings to a series yet!  I can't name one thing in which I was disappointed.  Steamy romance, crazy gods wreaking havoc, and a god killer all join together in this action packed, blow your socks off finale!

This is the best Lux book so far!  Prepare yourself for twist after twist in this roller coaster ride of a book.  BTW--Daemon brings all the tummy butterflies and warm fuzzies in this one.  Love that boy!
And there you have them!!!!  Let us know what some of your favorites were, and Leave us a link to your Top Books of 2013!