Saturday, September 1, 2012

Silver by Talia Vance Blog Tour: Character Interview with Blake

Hey everyone!  The YA Sisterhood is extremely excited to help kick off the Silver Blog Tour!  This book is absolutely amazing--trust me, you will fall for Talia's world and characters within the first chapter!  And Talia Vance....the YA Sisterhood is one (or three!) of her biggest fans! 

We have the pleasure of hosting a character interview with Blake, Son of Killian hottie.  He's sexy, protective, mysterious, and absolutely swoon-worthy.  Check out the interview below and don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter for the Silver Grand Prize.

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Hey everyone!  Today the YA Sisterhood has the pleasure of talking to Blake, resident hottie from Silver.  Thank you Blake for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come and talk to us!  And before this is over, hopefully I can convince you to show us your true glory, you know, with the bright light and the tarmac and bare chest.  *smiles mischievously*  You know, just so everyone gets a sneak peak of the real you.  *winks flirtatiously* 

Anyway, Blake, let’s see if we can shine some light into the real you.

What was it like growing up as a Son of Killian?

Amazing.  Horrible.  So yeah, that.  As a seventh generation Son, I guess I’ve had it pretty good.  But a lot of the time, I wish things were different.  Everybody wants a piece of me, and I have no say in who I hang out with or even who I date.   My first duty is always to the Sons, and sometimes it’s hard to remember that there is so much more out there.   Having power means nothing if you don’t get to decide how you use it.

What went through your mind the first time you really saw Brianna at the party?

I couldn’t believe it.  I always thought the bandia were a myth.  She was amazing, all power and beauty.  I knew what she was, and I was sure I could handle it, but nothing prepared me for her.  It was like she had all this power but she had no idea how to use it.  She was completely awkward and disarming.  I might’ve fallen in love a little right then.

Tell us about your bond with Brianna—what’s it like? 

It’s completely effed up.   It drives me insane that I can’t control how I feel when I’m around her.  I never needed anyone, and now I can barely breathe if she’s not nearby.  I hate how dependent I am on her, but at the same time, I love knowing how she feels.  I love feeling how she feels.  And when we’re together it’s like magic and sex and adrenaline all mixed up in one crazy hot feeling. 

How do you feel about Austin always being around Brianna?

I used to like the guy, but he’s definitely pushing it when it comes to Brianna.  I’m really not the jealous type, but it’s hard when I know exactly what Brianna feels when she’s around Austin.  I hate that a part of her, any part of her, is attracted to him. 

Tell us something about yourself that we don’t learn in Silver.

Before I met Brianna, Rush was pushing for me to pair with Sierra.  There was no way that was going to happen, so I made a point of dating Rush’s daughter Portia instead.   At first I did it to help Portia’s standing in the Circle, and maybe to thumb my nose a little at Rush, but Portia is nice underneath the hard shell she puts up to protect herself.  We were never serious, and I stopped seeing her at the exact moment I saw Brianna at Austin’s party.  I don’t know.  It’s not like we were in love.   But I know she was hoping for more, and sometimes I worry that she isn’t handling my thing with Brianna very well.  Not that I blame her.  Hell, I’m not handling my thing with Brianna very well.

And I have a weakness for hot chocolate, but I always order my coffee black.  The Sons are all about appearances.

And finally, we have a few this and that questions for you.  Feel free to elaborate with some inside details about yourself if you want!

Kiss or Cuddle *eyes Blake flirtatiously*?  Definitely kiss. 

Truth or Dare?  Dare.  The truth is usually a lot scarier.

Love them or Leave them?  Love them.  Always.

Dog or cat?  Dog.  I admire their loyalty.

Boxers or Briefs *smiles innocently*?  Boxer briefs.

Trick or Treat?  Treat.  I am all about the treat.

Angel or Demon *thinks—so I know how to dress up for Halloween*?  I definitely have a thing for demons who look like angels.


Once again, thank you Blake for stopping by the YA Sisterhood.  So…now that we’ve all gotten to know you better, do you mind doing your bright light, bare chest thing?  I know I *coughs* I mean, we would love to see it!  *blushes*

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