Saturday, October 8, 2011

Exclusive Interview with Jace, Winner of the 1st Annual YA Crush Tournament

First off, congratulations to you, Jace, on the winning the very 1st YA-Sisterhood Summer Crushin' Tournament!  All of your fans turned out in full force to throw their support behind you!


YA-Sisterhood:  How does it feel to be the winner of the YA Crush Tourney bringing in over 20,000 votes just in the last round? How big is your ego now?

Jace:  It's not that I have a big ego. It's that I'm realistic. No one likes the falsely modest.

YA-Sisterhood:  Going into the tournament, who did you think your biggest competition was?

Jace:  I've heard a few people mention that Edward Cullen fellow so I admit he had me on my toes. We had some plans once to form an emo band together, paint our nails black, and go on the road, but a cage match works too.

YA-Sisterhood:  Were you intimidated by the Zachary fan's rhymes, Braveheart quotes, and army of kilts?

Jace:  Well, it reminded me of some advice my dad gave me once. That would be my adoptive dad, not the evil one or the dead one. Very confusing, I know. Anyway, he said it isn't that brave men don't feel fear, it's that they forge on regardless. There may have been a few moments when my competition's flawless command of iambic pentameter caused me some anxiety, by I trusted I would win out in the end.

YA-Sisterhood:  Would you ever wear a kilt?

Jace:  Perhaps if Clary were to insist on it, and I could get her to wear, say, a cheerleading uniform, I would consider it. The thing is I'm used to doing a lot of jumps and flips when I fight demons and I don't quite see how one manages to keep the kilt from flying up when you're upside-down, and suddenly everyone's looking at your underwear. And I don't think people should just get to see me in my underwear without paying a respectable sum beforehand.

YA-Sisterhood:  Now that you are officially The King of YA Crushes, what is your next goal in life?

Jace:  I think I'll probably return to the thing I was doing before, which was saving the world and looking hot doing it.

YA-Sisterhood:  If we have a tournament of Heroines, how do you think Clary will fare?

Jace:  My girl would kick ass, as she always does.

YA-Sisterhood:  BTW-What did Clary say about you winning the tournament?

Jace:  I believe she said, "Oh, great, now you're going to be intolerable." What she meant of course, was, "I love you even more now than I ever thought possible."

YA-Sisterhood:  If we have a tournament of villains, who would you pick to win, Valentine or Sebastian? Why?

Jace:  Sebastian. Valentine honestly thought he was doing the right thing, however misguided he was in the end. Sebastian just wants what he wants and will do anything to get it. I think there are things he'd be willing to do that even Valentine would have recoiled at.

YA-Sisterhood:  How do you feel about having all your thoughts aired to the public during the Manor Scene? It was lovely for us, but how was it for you?

Jace:  I think I came off pretty well. Sensitive, with that touch of torment. I would have liked more description of my excellent technique, but I suppose it was my viewpoint.

YA-Sisterhood:  So, Dirty Sexy Club Scene...

Jace:  What can I say. I'm a giver.

Here are a few final questions from your YA Crush Tourney Fans:

YA-Sisterhood:  If you weren't a Shadowhunter, but a Mundane, what do you think you'd do with your life? School? Career?

Jace:  Well, I have an aptitude for killing things, so it's good that I have a job that channels my abilities. Clary says that as a mundane I would probably wind up being either an actor or a serial killer, although I don't think they pay you for the second one.

YA-Sisterhood:  We know your real name has been a big confusion, what do you consider your real name?

Jace:  Jace Lightwood.

YA-Sisterhood:  Will you marry me? Sorry I had to ask.... (That was actually from many fans)

Jace:  I don't think Clary would be pleased, but you can put your name on the list — it's in alphabetical order.

YA-Sisterhood:  I know this probably doesn't surprise you, but many of your fans are of an older age (Cougars), what do you think about that? 

Jace:  These ripped abs and badass tats are available to be admired by all, regardless of age or gender. Just as long as you remember that Jace Wayland-Morgenstern-Herondale-Lightwood is strictly a "look, don't touch" proposition. I am taken.

YA-Sisterhood:  Anything else you'd like to say to #TeamJace and your many supporters in the Tournament?

Jace:  Never have so many given so much to someone so hot.

Thank you so much Jace for letting us interview you!  Congratulations again on your victory!  Enjoy your year on the Crush Tourney Throne!


***Our last big surprise for the week is: we are giving away a hardback copy of Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare.  This will come just in time to gear you up for the wonderfully, brilliant, Clockwork Prince.***

***This contest is now closed.***  I'll post the results on Monday, October 17.  Thank you to all who entered!