Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Divergent: The Choosing Ceremony

Holy jumping trains Batman, we are just 3 months shy of the release of Insurgent!!!  I think I can say without a doubt, this is one of the most aniticipated novels of the year!  Between the factions, the rebellion and FOUR this series bleeds amazingness.  To kick off the celebration early, HarperCollins has been creating some pretty great things to tide us over until the release.  I can't word it any more perfectly than Alison from HarperCollins did herself:

As we get closer and closer to the on sale date of INSURGENT (5/1/2012!!!), the excitement just keeps building! We wouldn't want to leave you out in the cold like the factionless, so the team here at HarperCollins has created something awesome to dull the pain of your temporarily Four-less existence. First, check out the Choosing Ceremony eCard. Then, spill some metaphorical blood playing this new game:

So head on over to facebook and have some fun until our "Four-less" day are over!!!