Friday, March 23, 2012

Jennifer L. ArmenTOURNEY: Match #2 & Match #6

And the winners are... 

Our leading ladies: 

Alex and Katy!

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Matches will open at 12:01AM on March 23rd and close at 8PM CST on the 25th. We are not having advocates in this tournament, so all of you feel free to rally the troups and support your characters in the comments. Remember above all that this tournament is to celebrate ALL of Jennifer's characters. If there is any slandering, character bashing, cursing, or anything else we deem inappropriate, we reserve the right to delete your comment. Let's have fun, cheer on our favorite characters, and show Jennifer how much we love her!

Match #2:  Alex(Seed #2) vs Lea(Seed #7)

A little bio:
Alex and Lea are both from JLA's Covenant series.  Alexandria, Alex for short, the protagonist of the series, was born a Half-Blood but finds out that she is actually 1 of 2 Apollyons.  In modern day history there has never been 2 Apollyons, so she is extremely rare.  And as legend says, 2 apollyons does not bode well for the Covenant.  Alex has bravely faced every challenge that has been tossed her way, some so harrowing that even the greatest of mythological heroes would have turned back.  She is caught in a love triangle of epic proportions between Seth and Aiden in which many of JLA's readers would gladly take her place!  Alex is facing down her arch-nemesis, Lea, who happens to know exactly how to push Alex's buttons.  Lea, like Alex, is a half-blood.  Lea's parents are killed tragically in HB, and the events surrounding those murders are linked to Alex, making their relationship even more volatile.  Lea is also known for her beauty and definitely is not lacking in any fighting skills. Even though Alex and Lea seem to be at odds most of the time, they do have some common ground that we are just starting to see as we dig deeper into the series.


Match #6:  Katy(Seed #2) vs Andrew(Seed #7)

Katy and Andrew are both characters in JLA's Lux series.  Katy, the protagonist, is a book blogger (woo-hoo) and moves next door to Daemon and Dee at the beginning of Obsidian.  Her and Daimon quickly strike up a very tense love/hate relationship with a little more of the hate used to hide the love.  It is flooked down upon for the Lux (aliens) to have realtionships with humans, but that doesn't stop Katy.  Even though Katy has no powers of her own, she in no means lacks for bravery.  She does her fair share of kicking butt and saving lives!  She is snarky and doesn't let anyone run over her. Dee quickly becomes her best friend giving her an even stronger tie to the Lux.  Andrew on the other hand, the stereotypical Lux.  He was born as a triplet with Andrew, Ashley and Adam making up the three.  Like all Lux, he is very good looking.  He is also proud, powerful, and very prejudice against humans.  He makes his feelings very evident that he does not agree with the relationshiops that Dawson, Daimon and Dee have with humans.  We don't know much about Andrew yet, but I'm sure there is more to come from him in Onyx.