Monday, May 28, 2012

DAEMON NEVER LIES... Well, except for this one time.

Welcome to our stop on the 30 DAYS OF DAEMON TOUR for Jennifer L. Armentrout's amazing ONYX. We are OBSESSED with this series. All three sisters have read it. Our MOM has read it (she loves Daemon, too). We've pushed in on friends and students. Pretty much we're Daemon's fan club. Because of our obsession, we were allowed the honor of playing a game with the illustrious and irresistible Daemon Black. There are a number of games we'd love to play with Daemon, not all of them innocent, but unfortunately... he's got one of those "it's complicated" relationships going on with Katy. 

Oh, the possibilities. We could have played hide and seek (and let him win). We could have played tag (and let him win). I think you get the picture... 

So, we decided we'd use the opportunity to get to know him a little better. What better game to get to know the alien next door than 3 Truths and a Lie. Daemon gave us four statements about himself. Three of them are true. One is a lie. 

Can you guess which of these is not a true fact about our Daemon?

1. I once let Dawson pretend to be me and break up with Ash.

2. I believe in ghosts.

3. I have a fear of clowns. **** THIS IS THE LIE ***** 134 of you were right! Good job! :D You know Daemon well! 

4. I think apple pies are gross.