Saturday, May 12, 2012

Unbreak My Heart Blog Tour

Today we have the pleasure of hosting an interview with the author of Unbreak My Heart, Melissa C. Walker.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  The book releases on May 22nd, so preorder yours today!

1.) Did you have to research to find the songs in Unbreak My Heart, or did they just come to you as you were writing?

Some came from a mix I had tucked away, others just came to me as I was writing. I usually have a soundtrack in my head, so that was fun.

2.) What is your favorite song in the book?

Ooh, I like most of the songs I mention. But actually I didn't know "Clementine" by Elliott Smith--that one I had to research. So it was fun to discover, and I really like it.

3.) If Clem were to play the song game with James, what would be the perfect song for to come on to describe her feelings for him?

Maybe "London Rain" by Heather Nova. 

4.) You traveled the Great Loop with your parents, were there any specific scenes or characters that were inspired by that trip?

I used to stargaze with my dad, and we'd talk about things that are deeper than what you talk about in the daylight, so that scene was definitely taken from real life.

5.) How did you come up with the names Clementine and Olive?

I walk through Brooklyn's Greenwood Cemetery a lot (it's lovely!) and I often write down names that I like. Both of those came right from the graveyard. Weird, I know, but I like it.

Thank you so much Melissa for dropping by and giving us some insight into your book!
Check out my review of Unbreak My Heart here and don't forget to pre-order it today!  You won't be disappointed!  It's the perfect summer read!