Sunday, June 16, 2013

Match #6: Dante Walker(2) vs The Darkling(7) Goes to the Darkling

Welcome to The YA Sisterhood's 3rd Annual YA Crush Tourney!  We hope that through this all you will meet a lot of book loving people, discover new books, and of course be introduced to many more dreamy crushes!  

Be aware that we have tried to keep all the posts pretty general, but there might still be some spoilers.  If the spoiler is big, it will be marked.  However, still proceed with caution!

Matches will run for 24 hours, 12am to 12am EST every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  For more information please check out our Tournament Page.



Dante Walker from The Collector by Victoria Scott

Hey, y'all! My name's Jessica and I run the blog Just a Booklover. This year, I'm the lucky chick who gets to be the advocate for DANTE WALKER in this tourney!

If you've ever been to my blog, then you've seen my left sidebar. (If you haven't you should probably check it out real's a beauty.) It is pretty much a shrine to this wonderful bad boy. But the question here is, why do I heart Dante so hard? Why should YOU vote for him?

Well, I've got some reasons for ya. But first, if you're not familiar with my boy Dante (or, heck, even if you are), you should check out this video to give you an idea of what Dante's like. ;)

Oh, and it's a throwback video, you guys. There are NO SPOILERS, as it was made even before the cover was released! WOOT!

Woo. Dante's so...enticing. Oh, and this video is also on Dante Walker's website! That version has the book cover in it and everything ;) Still no spoilers, though!

So, now for the big question: Dante's The Collector. But what IS a collector? I'm going to use Dante's words to answer this, because he's so flipping funny and explains it so well.

"I am The Collector. It's not as bad as it sounds. I'm kinda like Santa Claus. We're both jolly guys with a passion for frosted cookies, the color red...and sorting souls. My job is simple: weed through humanity and label those round rears with a big red good or bad stamp. Old Saint Nick gets the good guys, and I get the fun ones."

BOOM. There it is. The job of our little demon in a nutshell. But, if he's a demon, why should you vote for him? Well, let's break it down a little, shall we?

**All quotes from THE COLLECTOR are in red. And there are a lot of them. I like to let Dante speak for himself, because he's so darn awesome. And there aren't any spoilers in these quotes, so no worries there.**


- Dante. Is. Hilarious. He's got a kickass sense of humor--mostly through his fluency in sarcasm. Come on, it's hilarious. "I quickly glance away when I realize Grams thinks I'm staring at Charlie's boobs with more than friendly interest. Blue smiles like she just gave birth to his firstborn son. I roll my eyes at how obvious he is."

- Dante has, well....ahem, I'll let him tell this one: "Girl, I got swag for days."

- His CONFIDENCE. Oh, man. "I'm sporting my black Boss dress shirt -- sleeves rolled up, of course -- dark jeans, and my red Chucks. Even sprayed on my favorite scent, Safari. Because it's a little dirty, like me. If Charlie doesn't dig my get up, I'll expose her for what she is: asexual."

- He may be conceited, and he may be a demon, but he has his sweet moments. Like, with a random little girl on a plane, for instance. "'We're here,' I say. She glances from the window toward me. An enormous smile covers her face, and she throws her little kid arms around my neck. The sensation strikes something inside of me. Something I haven't felt in a very long time. Like a warm fuzzy or some shit."


Dante's a  hot bad boy, y'all. I don't even feel the need to explain this. Have you seen the covers for The Collector and The Liberator? (I linked to them if you haven't!)

Plus: "I glance in the mirror. Surprise, surprise -- I look finger-lickin' delicious."

Yep. He does. Because he's DANTE FREAKING WALKER.


- Well, he IS The Collector. The best one there is. "I'm so good, in fact, that I train the other five collectors on how to be more awesome."

- He also has some skill at basketball. It's his favorite sport, and he loves to play it. "She tosses me the ball, and I catch it with one hand. Basketball is one of many sports where having gigantor hands helps. I take the ball, dribble it behind my back, then drive it to the rim for a reverse layup."

- And I know we already covered looks, but Dante is SO GOOD at being hot. I mean, COME ON, Y'ALL. Ahhhh. "I've never been average. I look like a movie star and move like an athlete. That didn't change when I kicked the bucket."

Extra Reasons:

He's a sexy bad boy, who is impossible not to love. Why should you NOT vote for him, that's the better question.

Plus, he uses the word POW! a bunch, especially while sealing souls. It's extremely endearing, if you ask me.

So that's it! There are many other Dante quotes I love and would have loved to include, but I think we've covered who Dante is pretty well in here. And there are also a gillion other reasons I think you should vote for Dante, but I've got to give you time to vote for him, don't I? ;)

So...DO IT. Vote for Dante, the best bad boy there is. Because when you know Dante, you know how good it be bad. Pow!


(Pictures courtesy of The Book Goddess and I Heart Big Books)


The Darkling from The Grisha Series by Leigh Bardugo

Cheers my dears! My name is Emily and I run the blog Falling For YA. I will be advocating for The Darkling   from the wonderful Leigh Bardugo's Shadow and Bone & Siege and Storm. From the first page I knew I was going to love the Darkling he is my type of guy; dark, sexy, and just the right amount of evil!
I didn’t ask you for flattery.”
– The Darkling, Shadow and Bone

Oh my dear Darkling you didn’t ask for my flattery but I’m going to freely give it. Of all the YA bad boys out there you take the cake. You truly are the villain we love to love!

The Darkling is the ultimate bad boy

 “He had a sharp beautiful face, a shock of thick black hair, and clear gray eyes that glimmered like quartz. I knew that the more powerful Grisha were said to live long lives, and Darklings were the most powerful of them all. But I felt the wrongness of it and I remembered Eva’s words: He’s not natural. None of them are”

He may not be natural but he is hot! Strong jaw line, eyes like granite, and he’s constantly wearing black clothes with his symbol, the sliver of a moon during an eclipse.

The Darkling is complex, deep, and lonely

“Like Calls to Like”

Maybe that is the reason we swoon over The Darkling? Because like calls to like. We see something in him that is reflected in ourselves. Those dark thoughts that creep in to your soul at night, the loneliness that overtakes when we are truly alone, the longing to change the world for good or better, to leave a mark. The Darkling feels those same things.

I knew he was a practiced liar. He could fake any emotion, play on any human failing. But I couldn’t deny what I’d felt in Novyi Zem or the truth of what the Darkling had shown me: my own sadness, my own longing, reflected back to me in his bleak gray eyes.

The Darklings got that Something Special

The Darkling is the leader of the Second Army. He is second only to the Ravkan King and he views the King as nothing more then a child. The Darkling is the most powerful Grisha and he knows it. The Darkling isn’t afraid to use his power for good…or evil…depending on your perspective.

The Darkling also has a host of skills that only he possesses. He can summon darkness to blind his enemies, use darkness to slice his enemies in half (the Cut). He’s also a living amplifier which means that his power can be used to strengthen the power of other Grisha.

The Darkling is someone you want to have on your side in a fight! 
“So I'm the Darkling's prisoner?"
"You're under his protection."
"What's the difference?"
"Pray you never find out.”

 Why should you vote for the Darkling?

The Darkling is:
♥ Powerful
♥ Complex
♥ Lonely
♥ Sexy
♥ Deep
♥ Charming
♥ He is the villain we love to love!

If The Darkling got your vote make sure to tweet using the hashtag #DarklingsDarlings