Monday, October 29, 2012

DEITY by Jennifer L. Armentrout Blog Tour, Interview & Giveaways

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the DEITY blog tour!  Deity is book 3 in Jennifer L. Armentrout's COVENANT Series.  And, I will boldy proclaim that 'yes, this book is the best JLA book yet!'  Also, one of the best books I've ever read, EVER!!!  I read this book a few months back, and I still am in the process of picking my jaw up off the ground. 

While we were at ALA, Baby Sister Britt read it the first night night we were there.  She proceeded to shreak, squeal and basically pass out right in front of us until middle sis, Jen and I almost locked her in the bathroom.  We wouldn't allow her to say one word to us about the book, so she had to go fan-girl to her computer.  The post under this one is the review/fan-girl session she had that 1st night at ALA.  The review is perfect and says everything that we would dream of saying about this book, so be sure to scroll down and read it!  And, preorder DEITY ASAP!!! AMAZON | BARNES AND NOBLE


YA Sisterhood: In the past we've when given the opportunity to host an interview on a blog tour, we've always chosen book characters. On this blog tour, we decided that we wanted to get to know you better! You know that you are our favorite author, and all 3 of us are in complete awe of you! We're not really sure how it is possible that The Covenant series and the Lux series both came from your amazing mind! Seriously, we're blown away every time we think about it!
Jennifer: Aw, thank you so much! I'm so glad to be here. And I'm pretty much in awe of you gals!

YA Sisterhood:  **Blushes** Thank you!  Okay first off, when did you know that you wanted to pursue writing? Was there a particular ah-ha moment or was it something you just always knew?

Jennifer: As cliche as it sounds, I always wanted to be a writer. I started off when I was wee little and wrote my first book in the 8th/9th grade, but it wasn't until 2007 that I decided I wanted to pursue it seriously. I'm not sure what the changing point was. I think it was more of put your money where your mouth is.

YA Sisterhood: Everyone knows that you are super woman when it comes to how many books you write in a year! Generally, how long does it take you write your first draft?
Jennifer: Ha. Depends. Sometimes it can take two weeks. The shortest was seven days and that was Obsidian. On average it is about a month give or take a week.

YA Sisterhood:  When you are writing, where is your (as Happy Gilmore would say) your "Happy Place"?
Jennifer:  Any place where I'm not being bothered is my happy place. 

YA Sisterhood:  With 3 kids, I would say that is my happy place too!  Since you are the hands down QUEEN of creating crush-worthy boys, we are all dying to know if you have based them on anyone that you know? (if yes, can you please give us his address! :D)
Jennifer:  Haha. No. I don't know anyone like the guys I write. Though, that would be really sweet, wouldn't it?

YA Sisterhood:  Bummer! A girl can always hope though right? Can you tell us about how you got the idea for the Covenant Series?
Jennifer:  I've always been interested in Greek Mythology, but I didn't want to retell a myth. When I started writing Half-Blood in 2007, I was really into reading adult books and I loved how kickass the heroines could be in those books--fighting, standing toe to toe with the guys--and I wanted my character to be like that. So I took the myth of demigods and stretched it to the children of demigods and based their social structure on ancient Greece and their stratified society. 

YA Sisterhood:  We are so thankful you did!  We can't imagine our lives without Alex, Aiden and Seith now!  Now onto some personal questions, (if you don't mind).
What is something that you have done that you have never told your parents?
Jennifer:  Oh wow. I'd have to pick just one thing?

YA Sisterhood:  What is in your refrigerator right now?
Jennifer:  Soda. Cheese. Milk. Eggs. Pumpkin Pie. I need to go grocery shopping.
YA Sisterhood:  If you could be ANY fictional character who would you be?
Jennifer:  Kaylee from Soul Screamers.

YA Sisterhood:  Oh, great choice!  What is something you would NEVER do?
Jennifer:  Sky diving. I have a problem with jumping out of a fully functional plane for no reason.

YA Sisterhood:  Oh man, me either!  And lastly, just because I want to know, which of your fictional boys would you date? Are you more of an Aiden type girl or Seth (or maybe Daemon type girl)?
Jennifer:  I think I'd probably be a Seth/Daemon type, because I like the snarky humor, but I would want an Aiden. 

YA Sisterhood:  You are definitely in our club then!!! Give us the snarky!!!
Thank you so much letting us invade your privacy today, Jen!!! You stinkin' rock our faces off!!!!!!
Jennifer: Thank you so much for having me!



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