Monday, April 9, 2012

Celebrate Insurgent! Erudite guys get all the girls!

Preston Myers (with girlfriend Amanda Beckett), Erudite member, studies the writings of Kurt Vonnegut. He hopes to use these writings to understand human behavior.  He believes, like all Erudite, that "knowledge is the only logical solution to the problem of conflict" (Erudite Manifesto).

Ronald Miller (with a trio of ladies to choose from), Erudite member, focuses on astronomy. He seeks the knowledge of the universe, for he, like all Erudite, believes that "a lack of knowlege leads to a lack of understanding" (Erudite Manifesto). Understanding the universe will help him understand himself.

Peter Parker (with girlfriend Mary Jane), Erudite member, is considered a genius in his field of physics.  He is currently gaining the knowledge needed to redefine how we see the universe.  Like all Erudite, he believes that "Intelligence is a gift, not a right" and he is going to use that gift to help the world (Erudite Manifesto).

As you can see, Erudite members are seeking knowledge to help all the factions. AND, all that knowledge helps with the ladies!

If you want a beautiful lady at your side or you're a beautiful lady and want a smart and sophisticated guy at your side, then join TEAM ERUDITE!!!!

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"The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." --Socrates, past Erudite leader