Sunday, April 29, 2012


Day 2 of our celebration of Four is OUTSTANDING CHARACTERS.  We threw together a little poem that celebrates some of our favorite and not so favorites from Insurgent.

Ode to Insurgent

Full of characters you don't want to miss
To peak your interest we'll start with Tris.

She's smart, selfless and brave.
No matter the fear, she'll never cave.

Strong yet broken and full of pain,
She must face the darkness if she is to remain.

Call her Dauntless. Stiff or Divergent,
But more than anything, call her resilient.

And what about Caleb, the brother so smart,
In Insurgent you'll see straight to his heart.

And then there's Christina who lost her love Will,
She'll break down your heart with the the pain that she feels.

And you'll see more Peter, whose intentions are gray,
Whose side will he be on? Can you trust what he'll say?

We can't forget Jeanine, who is full of lies,
She'll hold nothing back no matter who dies.

Then there is the fear that Eric instills,
He cares nothing about the Divergent he kills.

And of course there is Marcus, the sinister dad,
Will we find out that maybe he isn't so bad?

Now we'll quit stalling, for none can ignore,
The dreamy and steamy one they call FOUR!

He's Dauntless and Sexy and hungers for peace,
But what will he sacrifice for the factions to cease?

He's perfect for Tris, both loyal and true,
He steps up to the plate, a hero through and through.

We also must mention new characters we meet,
Big roles or small, some won't take a backseat.

Some of these characters, we all adore,
Others are evil, and easy to abhor.

The greatness of this book is hard to beat,
So preorder your copy now! You're in for a treat!

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