Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jennifer L. ArmenTOURNEY Match #9 & #11

And the winners are:

Alex and Daemon

Matches will open at 12:01AM on April 1st and close at 8PM CST on the 3rd. We are not having advocates in this tournament, so all of you feel free to rally the troups and support your characters in the comments. Remember above all that this tournament is to celebrate ALL of Jennifer's characters. If there is any slandering, character bashing, cursing, or anything else we deem inappropriate, we reserve the right to delete your comment. Let's have fun, cheer on our favorite characters, and show Jennifer how much we love her!

Match #9: Aiden vs Alex

This is a painful one, folks. Both of these characters hail from The Covenant Series.  Aiden has been forced to grow up quickly as his parents were killed by daimons.  Because of this, he is now responsible for his younger brother Deacon.  He has also taken on the responsibility of training Alex to become a sentinel.  Aiden and Alex are the main love interest in the story, but share a forbidden romance as it is illegal for Pures and Half-Bloods to be together. Alex is the strong, witty, and wonderfully sarcastic protagonist who has captured Aiden's heart. Alex, too, has had a difficult life-- losing her mother to a Daimon attack, and only narrowly surviving herself. These two characters make the series what it is... and they are both major reasons as to why we love this book. We don't know how you'll choose between them. But it boils down to this-- Kick-butt heroine vs. Sexy love interest. Who will you choose?

Match #11:  Daemon vs Katy

And the pain doesn't stop, ladies and gentlemen. Daemon and Katy both represent JLA's Lux Series.  Daemon is a gorgeous alien that has all kinds of awesome powers.  Daemon out of all the aliens on earth is currently the most powerful.  He comes across as harsh and mean, but it's only to protect his family. He's that guarded, bad boy that everyone loves to love and hate and then love some more.  He is Katy's love interest in Obsidian. Despite the fact that Daemon sort of despises humans, Katy catches his eye. She's a quirky bibliophile who speaks her mind and is caring and kind. She stands out in a world where pretty barbie types are constantly throwing themselves at Daemon. Katy is real-- and that's what makes her such a fascinating character! So who will it be-- fiercely human Katy or fiercely sexy non-human Daemon?