Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jennifer L. ArmenTOURNEY Match #10 & #12

And the winners are:

Seth and Dee

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Matches will open at 12:01AM on April 4th and close at 8PM CST on April 6th. We are not having advocates in this tournament, so all of you feel free to rally the troups and support your characters in the comments. Remember above all that this tournament is to celebrate ALL of Jennifer's characters. If there is any slandering, character bashing, cursing, or anything else we deem inappropriate, we reserve the right to delete your comment. Let's have fun, cheer on our favorite characters, and show Jennifer how much we love her!

Match #10: Seth (Seed #3) vs Caleb (Seed #4) 

Seth and Caleb are both from the Covenant Series.  Seth is the uber-strong Apollyon who is able to control the four elements:  earth, wind, water, and fire.  But, he doesn't stop there--he is the only one who can control a fifth element--akasha, which can only be described as a lightning bolt coming from his oh-so-masculine hands.  He is arrogant to a fault, and as a result, he thinks he's, we'll say Zeus's gift, to all women.  Because Alex will end up being the 2nd Apollyon, Seth has a very strong connection to her--both physical and emotional.  He's tempermental, saucy, and has the kind of charm that radiates sexiness.  If Seth were in our world--he'd be the oh-so-sexy guy who told your parents that "My girl doesn't have a curfew," and then with a tough "vroom," you'd jump on the back of his motorcyle and take off (fearing exactly what your parents were going to say when you returned).  

Caleb is Alex's best friend, and he is the one who welcomes her with open arms after her return to the Covenant.  He is always there to pull Alex away before she makes a huge mistake by punching Lea straight in the face.  Whenever Alex has a problem, she confides in Caleb--she even admits her desire for a relationship with Aiden to him.  Caleb is fiercely loyal, and even when Alex does the risky and unthinkable, he shows up to lend his support or fighting skills--whichever is needed at the time.

Match #12:  Dee (Seed #3) vs Dawson (Seed #4)

Dee and Dawson are both from the Lux Series.  Dee is a Luxen and Daemon and Dawson's sister.  These three seem to have quite a bit in common, as they all form bonds with humans.  Dee immediately befriends Katy, and soon becomes her best friend, despite Daemon's futile attempts to pull them apart.  Dee is in an on-again, off-again relationship with Adam, one of the Lux who seems to be more tolerable towards humans.  She is by far the friendliest of all the Lux, and she whole-heartedly defends Katy to all the other Lux.  She's beautiful and has a fantastic sense of fashion.

Dawson is the other triplet to Dee and Daemon.  Dawson like his brother and sister is a Luxen or alien.  Where as Daemon is the broken, bad boy, Dawson is the sweet, attentive boy.  He meets Bethany, a human girl, at school and a whirlwind romance ensues.  He is powerful like all the other Luxen and is not afraid to fight to the death for those he loves.