Thursday, July 26, 2012

Match 19: Four (4) vs. Magnus (13) goes to MAGNUS!

And the winner is... MAGNUS!

Welcome to The YA Sisterhood's YA Crush Tourney 2.0! We hope that through this all you will meet a lot of book loving people, discover new books, and of course be introduced to many more dreamy crushes!

Be aware that we have tried to keep all the posts pretty general, but there might still be some spoilers. If the spoiler is big, it will be marked. However, still proceed with caution!

Matches will run for 24 hours, 12am to 12am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For more information please check out our Tournament Page.


Hi everybody, I'm Becky B. and my blog is Bibliognome.  In this YA Crush Tourney I'm very happy to be advocating for Four, the supremely awesome guy from the Divergent series by Veronica Roth.

I'm so happy that Four has made it to the Sweet Sixteen of the YA Crush Tourney and I would be thrilled if he made it to the next round. :)

*** Four is up against a very tough opponent so Please VOTE  for Four as much and as often as possible and of course encourage others (aka everyone you know) to vote too.  ***

If you haven't read Divergent here's, my review of Divergent and Insurgent.

Divergent has also won plenty of awards as seen on Goodreads (and the bright orange sticker on the cover of the paperback):

"Goodreads Choice Award for Favorite Book of 2011 and for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction (2011), ALA Teens' Top Ten Nominee (2012), Children's Choice Book Award Nominee for Teen Choice Book of the Year (2012)"

Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote for Four.  He's chosen Dauntless but believes in the old ways and not what they're doing now.  He has respect for every faction.  
In the world of Divergent choice is everything because once you choose a faction you have to follow their rules or you basically become a pariah.  As the tagline for Divergent says, "One Choice Can Transform You."  Four is definitely a guy that has transformed himself.  

Please make the right choice and choose Four :)

Four's Features:
I really liked Divergent Lexicon's description of Four so I've included it here (be aware if you follow the link that there are some spoilers about Four if you haven't read the books.) -
"He has a spare upper lip, and a full lower lip. His eyes are so deep-set that his eyelashes touch the skin under his eyebrows, and they are dark blue, a dreaming sleeping, waiting color. His voice is deep, and it rumbles. He smirks. He has a stillness about him. He appears tame from the front, by Dauntless standards, but there is a tattoo that peeks out from the back of his t-shirt. His fingers are so long that, the heel of his hand touches one side of Tris’s ribcage, and his fingertips still touch the other side. He is quiet, remarkably self-possessed, and intimidating. He has a faint hollow beneath his cheekbone and taut, defined forearms. His voice is low and smooth and almost soothing. The corners of his mouth turn down naturally and he has a scar on his chin. Even when he glares, his eyes look thoughtful. Their shade of blue is peculiar, so dark it is almost black, with a small patch of lighter blue on the left iris, right next to the corner of his eye. He is muscular, nothing on his body yields. His hair is dark, almost black, especially when he cuts it short."

Name Poem for Four
F - Fearless (well almost)
O - Outstanding
U - Unique
R - Reliable

My Ode to Four
Four knows the score
Dauntless to the core
Feels there has to be more
Knows each faction and its lore
May just be what you're looking for

The Dauntless faction, which Four is a major part of, were made even cooler to me when I read how much they love cake.

In honor of Four making it to the Sweet Sixteen Tiny Reverse Vampire and I made our own version of Dauntless cake.  Ours is made from a dark chocolate cake mix, has vanilla frosting and of course some very special decorations which can be seen in the picture at the top of the page.

Now sit down for a spell and listen while I regale you with songs about how awesome Divergent and Four are:

Here's a brand new song to listen to while you VOTE for Four:

Title: Vote for Four
( This song is a mix of the illustrious theme song from The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Eye of the Tiger :)

Go, go vote for Four!
Go, go vote for Four!
Go, go vote for Four! Four the win YA Crush Tourney

Vote, vote vote vote
vote vote vote
vote for Foooouurrr

Standing up, close to the ledge

Now’s my chance, to be truly Dauntless

It’s the will of the Dauntless
Guarding what’s right
We will fight for votes all night

Go, go vote for Four!
Go, go vote for Four!

Go, go vote for Four! Four the win YA Crush Tourney

The will of the Dauntless
The will of the Dauntless

Vote, vote, vote, vote
vote, vote, vote
vote for Foooouurrr  

Here's our favorite song from the original post we made to support Four:

Title: Divergent Trilogy
(Sung to the tune of The Adams Family)

Mysterious and broody
and all together swoony
This story'll be a great movie
Divergent Trilogy

There's this guy called Four
Him I really adore
Can't wait to see what's in store
Divergent Trilogy




So put a Dauntless shirt on.
Prepare to train and roll on.
Enjoy be sure to read on
Divergent Trilogy

Best Quotes said by/or about Four that prove he's who you should vote for:

"I have a theory that selflessness and bravery aren't all that different." - Four (pg. 336)

“A brave man acknowledges the strength of others.” – Four (p. 95)

"Whoever he is, I like him. It's easier to admit that to myself now, in the dark, after all that just happened. He is not sweet or gentle or particularly kind. But he is smart and brave, and even though he saved me, he treated me like I was strong. That is all I need to know.” - Tris (pg. 288-289)

If you also adore Four make sure to check out The YA Sisterhood and VOTE in The YA Crush Tourney.


Hey everyone! I’m Michelle from Oh! For the Love of Books! advocating for Magnus Bane. Magnus is so awesome that Cassandra Clare put him in both of her shadowhunter series, The Mortal Instrument series and The Infernal Devices series. In every one of my reviews for these series, there is always a special section for Magnus. I just fell for him. Head over to the YA Sisterhood to vote. Quick go!

So who is Magnus Bane? Besides have a fashion sense that someone would kill for, a long list of adventures, and a warlock? Well – I’ll do my best to sum him up for you and not ramble.

Personality: In both series when we meet him, Magnus is inquisitive about situations but is aloof, making characters like Jace, Clary, Tess, and Will work to get him to help. He’s not someone who trusts easily, but when he does, he is fiercely loyal, willing to call on demons, going into a battle to protect Alec, and standing up to Camille to protect Will and Tess.
Magnus is kind of an instigator as well. He likes to put his friends and people who are in authority positions, in conflicting positions, where they typically have to divulge important information (that makes me gasp!).
And a must have in a crush – sarcasm - “I was alive when the Dead Sea was just a lake that was feeling a little poorly.”

Looks: Magnus maybe a little older than the rest of the crushes that are in the tournament – like maybe 800 years older, but the guy doesn’t look OR act his age. He has spiky black hair and cat like, green-yellow, eyes that smolder (at least in my head they do) when he looks at another beautiful character. I mentioned Magnus’s awesome fashion sense and here is a snip-it of his attire during City of Ashes: “Even the Inquisitor's eyebrows shot up when Magnus strode through the gate. The High Warlock was wearing black leather pants, a belt with a buckle in the shape of a jeweled M, and a cobalt-blue Prussian military jacket open over a white lace shirt. He shimmered with layers of glitter.” All right ladies, don’t be jealous that he dresses better than us! I mean look at that style!

Talents: Besides being one of the most powerful warlocks in the world? He gives Will (also a hottie) the piece of mind he has been desperately seeking by summoning a demon. He had the ability to protect Clary until it was time for her to realize who she was. His magic is old and powerful; I’m betting it comes from all that time with the Silent Brothers.

Special Attributes: I’m defaulting to his eyes on this one. – Ones you could get lost in. *passes out from swooning*

Best Qualities: He’s not afraid of telling people what they need to hear. He may hurt your feelings but he is going to get you to the revelation you need to kick some evil booty. Isn’t honesty the best policy? Don’t most of our crushes put their lady loves into bad situations because they don’t tell the truth? No Magnus. Just sayin’.

A few of my favorite quotes:
“Even the trip through the Portal had not disarranged Magnus's hair spikes. He tugged on one proudly. "Check it out," he said to Isabelle.
"Hair gel. $3.99 at Ricky's.”

“We came to see Jace. Is he alright?"
"I don't know," Magnus said. "Does he normally just lie on the floor like that without moving?”

“If you're texting Magnus to say 'I think u r kewl,' I'm going to kill you."
"Who's Magnus?" Max inquired.
"He's a warlock," said Alec.
"A sexy, sexy warlock," Isabelle told Max, ignoring Alec's look of total fury.
"But warlocks are bad," protested Max, looking baffled.
"Exactly," said Isabelle.”

“Do you want to go back to Vienna?” he said.
Alec didn’t answer, just stared into space.
“Or we could go somewhere else,” said Magnus. “Anywhere you want. Thailand, South Carolina, Brazil, Peru – Oh, wait, no, I’m banned from Peru. I’d forgotten about that. It’s a long story, but amusing if you want to hear it.”

“Magnus's eyes gleamed. "He seems to like you. I saw him going for your hand out there like a squirrel diving for a peanut.”

OK voters – after reading this post, I just can’t imagine why you wouldn’t vote for Magnus! So go ahead. Vote for Magnus!!!