Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer of No Regrets by Katherine Grace Bond

The Summer of No Regrets by Katherine Grace Bond

Release Date:  On Shelves NOW

ARC received by Sourcebooks via Netgalley

Reviewed by:  Middle Sis Jenn

The Sisters Say:  Flirty and Fun

This was the summer that would change my life.
No more being what everyone expected. No more doing what everyone else wanted.
So when Luke came into my life, I decided to keep him a secret. Maybe he as a dead-ringer for notorious Hollywood bad boy Trent Yves. And it was possible that everything he told me was a lie. And yes, I was probably asking for trouble. But all I saw was Luke--sweet, funny, caring--someone who would let me be the real me.
But which was the real him?

The Summer of No Regrets is the perfect book to read while laying on a beach towel soaking up the sun! Katherine Grace Bond gives us a peak into the quirky life of Brigitta, and trust me, you will find yourself feeling akin to this girl stuck in an abnormal way of living.

Although my life is the complete opposite of Brigitta’s, I felt like I could relate to her.  She is an animal lover, a blogger (super cool), and has a best friend who is obsessed with celebrity sightings.  Her family is eccentric and so many people see her as the weird kid, yet she doesn’t let that hold her back.  I enjoyed watching her find herself in her budding relationship with Luke.

I really enjoyed the romance in this book. I loved how the romance bloomed between Brigitta and Luke. Their relationship seemed real, even though the rest of their lives were uncannily out of control. Their love was bittersweet, and I just couldn't help falling straight into their stories.  I did have a hard time with the “Is he or isn’t he Trent Yves?”  I don’t know about you, but if Johnny Depp (or a Johnny Depp look alike) moved in next door, I would make it my business to know who he really is!

Still, I did find myself falling for the mystery boy—especially when he takes her to the beach!  Yummy!  I won’t say much more except that you WANT to read this scene!  I wish there would have been more of it, truthfully.  This scene was the most realistic of the book and I didn’t want it to end.

I did get frustrated with how bumpy some of the writing seemed. At times, it did not flow well. This was mainly at the parts where we see Brigitta writing on her blog or her fan fiction. There were times when I had to backtrack because I didn't exactly understand what had happened. If the transitions during these times would have been better, I think I might have enjoyed it more.

Overall, there are parts of this story that were a bit far-fetched and had me raising my eyebrows and saying, "Hmmm." However, it was a quick and easy read, and there was definitely enough pop and romance to keep me interested until the end.