Monday, July 11, 2011

YA Crush Tourney: Edward vs Tucker (Match #5) Goes to Tucker

And the winner is:

Tucker Avery

To begin the same way as before:

There might be some spoiler in the following posts. We've tried to keep it as general as possible, but overall this tourney will not be spoiler free, so BEWARE!!!

First off, you are free to write your own comments about either character in the comments section, but we will not toleraterudeness. The minute it crosses over between logical argument to character bashing, your comments will be deleted and you vote canceled! You may vote as many times as you like. Voting will be open for 40 hours starting Monday, July 11 at 8AM and conclude Tuesday at midnight.

Edward Cullen (Seed 12)

Edward Cullen is represented by one the honorary sisters on our very own YA-Sisterhood. She is also on twitter, so please go follow her @BADhickey. Edward is the sexy, mind-reading vamp from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series if you really didn't already know that. You can find out more info about the Twilight series here.

Edward, Edward, Edward….(((BIG SIGH)))…oh! Edward! What can I say?!?!? I am so excited to advocate for Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, because to me, no one can come close to my Edward! But, please VOTE VOTE VOTE to show the love.


Edward is very passionate. He loves deep and he loves hard. Once he is loyal to someone, he is loyal to the death. As a “vegetarian” vampire, he is dedicated; he is good and moral and worried about not hurting anyone. He has values and sticks by them at all costs. Edward is playful with his “siblings” and has a teasing sense of humor. You can completely trust Edward with anything; he does not reveal others secrets and therefore is highly trusted in his family. As a best friend and lover, he is a good listener who is also intelligent and articulate. But, most importantly, he is completely committed to Bella. Edward is virtuous and spiritual. Although he feared his soul was unable to be saved, he was not willing to risk anyone else’s soul; even if at risk to losing the most precious thing to him. Edward protects those he loves and will never let emotional or physical harm come tothem. All in all, he is PERFECT!!!!


HOT HOT HOT!!!! Sexy!!! Gorgeous!!! Dazzling!!! “Inhumanly Beautiful”!!! Edward has pale skin. He has a lean but muscular build. Edward looks deep into your soul with his amber eyes Reddish-brown/bronze-colored hair is memorizing to anyone who looks at him. Basically his face and features are described as completely perfect. And, he sparkles in the sun!!! How cool is that!?!?!
Just look at this hottie:


As a vampire, Edward has many special talents. He is extremely strong, very fast, and unbreakable. He can read people’s mind (except Bella’s) so he knows whatever everyone is thinking, but he does not take advantage of that unless some one he loves is in mortal danger. Other vampire talents are his enhanced sense of smell and vision. Since he does not sleep, he is an avid reader (!!!!) which makes him ridiculously smart. He is a lover of music and he plays the piano!!!! Not only, does he play, but he composes too! (SWOON) I would contend, another one of his talents is his kissing skills, but that will be discussed in the next section.

Special Attributes:

His number one special attribute is his make-out skills! Seriously, people, the boy literally takes the breath right out of Bella and makes her forget everything! This does not just happen once, but every time they kiss. Wow! On to other things besides kissing, Edward is extremely graceful in his movements which make him seem like a dream come true. He is an old world gentleman and is concern about the state of Bella’s soul and virginity. Girls, the boy wants to marry her!!! He doesn’t just want to milk, he wants the whole cow!!! His family is a double bonus. The Cullen family as a whole is just wicked awesome; they are all welcoming, accepting, and will risk any and everything for her. Both he and his family have hot cars that they drive super fast. Not only is he superrich, but his most important quality is that he is desperately and completely committed to the one he loves. Talk about the total package!

What makes your guy better than his competitor?

Edward is immortal whereas Tucker is mortal. Edward is deeply and passionately in love with Bella and will be for all eternity!

Anything else you'd like to add?

Two words:
Robert Pattinson

Vote for Edward….he’s the whole package!!!!

Tucker Avery (Seed 21)

Tucker is being defended by Amy D. The wonderfully, gorgeous, unearthly (like that) Tucker is from the amazing book by Cynthia Hand, Unearthly. You can check out Baby Sister Brittany's review of the book here.


Hold onto your hearts girls. Cynthia Hand's Unearthly gave life to the boy I thought I would marry (shhhh...don't tell my husband). Tucker Avery will get to know you down to your "real" hair color with his playful, teasing personality. He gets along with everyone and is self-assured enough to go stag-ish to prom (granted he comes home with the girls he wants). He wrote the book on charming from the way he tilts his hat to the way he says "ma'am." He is a family man. He loves and protects his sister and his family's land.


Tucker will melt you from the inside out with his hazy blue eyes. If you can still manage to see after a kiss from him, you'll enjoy looking at his tall, tan, muscled body or even run your hands through his short golden brown hair (score one for brunettes). Your legs will buckle with the sight of his slightly stubbled jaw and dimple on his left cheek. He is a man that loves to smile and laugh...yum.


Tucker is a man's man, but he softens while sharing these things with the girl he loves. He can pull you out of a ditch, backcountry skis, white water rafting, fly fishing, hiking, tour guide, swimming, and on the rodeo team. Honorable mention to dancing, whistling and being a cowboy poet. Every date with Tucker is about being and being together. No distractions. A kiss from Tucker can make a girl find glory.

Special Attributes:

Tucker is the hardest working boy in YA. He holds multiple jobs in order to help out his family and achieve his goals. He is popular not because he has money. He has a gift at putting people at ease. Tucker knows where the best huckleberries are and can think like a fish. Tucker is forthright and honest--can't stand lies. He is man enough to take three girls from the rodeo team to prom. Not only is he a knight in shining armor (on multiple occasions), but he is the best birthday present ever. Whether you are watching the sunrise or fishing, you know you have Tucker's undivided attention. You know you just want to lean into that chest.

What makes your guy better than his competitor?

Tucker will never make you cold. His only instinct is to protect and never to harm anyone especially those he loves. With Tucker you will never be an outcast, but will accepted no matter what who you are. No paranormalness...he is 100% the real deal.

Anything else you'd like to add?

He picks wildflowers for his love, making out under the stars is a favorite past time, makes you "forget to eat, float around in a daze, and bounce out of bed in the morning." He reads comic books, loves cheetos, and longs for a time when there were no fences.

He will love you for who you are--all of you.

There it is folks! Choose wisely!!! Voting ends at midnight Tuesday!

Voting is now closed!