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YA Crush Tourney: Tod vs. Michael Goes to Tod



Some general rules before we begin:

There may be some spoilers in the following post. We've tried to keep it fairly general, but overall, this Tourney will not be spoiler-free. So beware. 

Secondly, You are welcome to write your own comments about either character in the comments section, but we will not tolerate rudeness. The minute it crosses over from logical argument into character bashing, your comments will be deleted and your vote canceled.

And finally, due to some epic voting and the crashing of multiple websites, the matches will now only be open for voting for 24 hours, rather than 40. So, now it's even more important to get the word out and the votes in quickly. 

Tod Hudson(seed #20)

Tod Hudson is from the Soul Screamer by Rachel Vincent. You can learn more about it here. And be on the lookout for a review of the series soon here at YA Sisterhood! Tod is represented by Rachel Clarke. You can reach her at any of the following places:

Blog: (But I'll be posting any tourney related posts on my blog annex
Twitter: @Fiktshun
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Tod Hudson may be a reaper, but he is anything but grim. And although he may look innocent, he is trouble. He is a reaper after all. Someone assigned to collect souls. Someone who takes a walk on the wild side and ventures into the Netherworld on occasion. And someone who is no stranger to the Hellions and Demons that call it home.

Now, he may not be your typical bad boy, I don’t know many reapers who are, but he is definitely not someone to bring home to meet the parents. Kaylee Cavanaugh’s Dad certainly doesn’t like him hanging around his daughter and they’re not even dating. Especially when he can just come and go as he pleases - any parents worst nightmare. And it seems to please him quite a bit to visit Kaylee. At night. Alone. In her room. Forever stuck at 17, Tod is an eternal boy.

But Tod has another side. And that one is charming, funny and sarcastic. He is mischievous and has one heck of a wicked grin for someone with such an angelic face. He likes to pop in at the most inconvenient times. And surprising Kaylee is one of his favorite things to do. Well... that and popping in on Kaylee and Nash when they don’t particularly want to be disturbed. Tod definitely has issues with boundaries.

The best thing about Tod isn’t his boyish charm or his sense of humor. If that were all Tod had going for him, he wouldn’t have made made my list of crush-worthy boys. It’s his loyalty. Tod is one fiercely loyal bean-sidhe turned reaper.

He will do anything in his power to protect those he cares about. It makes him brave and foolish and reckless to the point of stupidity at times, but his loyalty makes him completely swoon-worthy. What girl wouldn’t want a boy who would go to the ends of the earth to protect her, do whatever he can to make her happy, or cry for her when he can’t?

Tod quick facts: A total flirt, charming, mischievous, not one to play by the rules, funny, sarcastic, bad boy, loves a challenge, brave, reckless, chivalrous, vulnerable, loyal, self-sacrificing.


Tod is definitely mighty fine to look at. He may not be one, but he looks like an angel. Blond curly hair, bright blue sparkling eyes, super sexy thick boy-lashes, perfect full lips, strong, square chin which sports a small goatee. He is total eye-candy.

I usually tend to go for the dark, brooding, dangerous types, but over the course of this series Tod has definitely caught my eye. I’m thinking he’s a stone cold fox. He will be forever young. As a reaper he will never look older than 17. And even though he may be a reaper he has his soul. Just stare into those bright blue eyes and you will get lost. And that’s not from some powers of Influence.

But it’s those kissable lips that are quick with a smile, always ready to quirk up into a lopsided grin, that make Tod the ultimate crush-worthy boy in the looks department. His eyes may be magnetic, but it’s those lips that would be tough to look away from.

Tod quick facts: Angelic, bright blue eyes, sexy smile, perfect, full oh-so-kissable lips, with a lower lip he loves to bite while thinking, thick lashes, pale blond, curly hair, face that expresses his emotions.


Oh, Tod is one talented reaper. He can materialize wherever he wants, whenever he wants. And as he doesn’t need sleep he has a lot of free time on his hands to drop in, unannounced, on his friends and family. Whether they want him to or not.

This can come in handy when there’s trouble, but can be awkward when you don’t want company. And it makes for some quick travel options since he can take you along for the ride.

He can choose who he wants to see and hear him. And can appear to only some people and not others if he feels like it.

As a reaper he doesn’t need to eat, but he can taste and enjoy food. No problem with the pleasure sensors or taste buds in his mouth.

He doesn’t age, which practically makes him immortal. As he’s technically not alive, he can’t get older.

He also has the power to end a life and take possession of a soul. For some power-hungry reapers this can be a problem, but for one as good-hearted as Tod, this is nothing to worry about.

He can move between this world and the Netherworld. It may not seem such an important talent to me or you, but if you had to rescue someone’s soul from a demon who had them trapped, you’d want someone who could bring you in and out of that world as quickly as possible. Just sayin’.

A phenomenal kisser. That’s all I’ll say for right now, but for those in the know, you can back me up on that.

Tod quick facts: Instant teleportation, selective invisibility, ability to end a life and take a soul - yeah it’s grim, but it’s still pretty cool - no need to eat or sleep, ageless, awesome kisser and it’s not just because he has such perfect lips.

Special Attributes:

Since I’ve included most of Tod’s attributes in the personality, looks and talents departments, I thought I’d just give a few examples of why Tod is so full of awesome and why he deserves the title, “Hero.”

*His first assignment as a reaper he saved the life of a little girl that was on the list.

*He sacrificed his own life to save someone he loved and kept it a secret so that they wouldn’t have to feel guilty. (If that’s not totally swoon-worthy I don’t know what is!)

*He turned himself corporeal to punch Nash for what he did to Kaylee.

*He watched out for Kaylee’s friend Emma when she was in trouble.

*He went to the Netherworld to try and save the soul of his ex-girlfriend.

*He told Kaylee what she needed to hear about Nash and Sabine, even if it would make her hate him.

*He is frequently willing to put his “life” on the line for those he loves.

*And he is always ready to fight for what he wants.

Tod quick facts: Hero. Seriously, do I need to say more here? He’s a hero in every sense of the word.

What makes Tod better than Michael?

"So why is Tod Hudson better than Michael Weaver?

This is actually a difficult argument to make since I haven’t had a chance to meet Michael. I am certain that he’s swoon-worthy or he wouldn’t have been voted into the Tourney. But even if I had met Michael, I’m certain that Tod would still outrank him on my list of crush-worthy boys.

From what I understand, Michael doesn’t have any special abilities. He is a consultant for Hourglass and actually requires Emerson’s abilities to help him.
Tod has his own wicked cool powers and while he may work with others who have abilities, he does just fine on his own.

I’ve also heard that Michael is kind, smart, dark, with an olive complexion, and mysterious. These all sound like incredibly great qualities to have. Who doesn’t want someone who is kind and smart? And if you like them dark and mysterious then Michael fits that bill.

Well, Tod is kind. So kind that he would sacrifice himself for anyone he loves.
He’s smart. Smart enough to punch his brother for all the crap that he put Kaylee through.

He may not be dark. Tod is all about the light. His angelic features, blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes make this Reaper absolutely heavenly to look at. Dark can be good, but light can be even better.

Mysterious? Tod can be mysterious…when he wants to be. Who really knows what Tod’s up to during those hours when Kaylee or Nash are asleep? He might be hanging out in the Netherworld, stirring up trouble for demons. Tod does a lot of things in secret. Things that are almost always for someone else’s benefit. So yeah, Tod is a mystery.

Michael is also said to be a gentleman and “broody.” Well gentlemanly is always good. Broody, it depends. Brooding can be sexy, it can also be frustrating.

Tod is absolutely a gentleman. If you looked it up in the dictionary you’d probably see his picture right next to the definition. He’s kind of automatically a gentleman since he was willing to sacrifice himself for the ones he loves. Besides, Tod is always willing to help out Kaylee and Emma. And he’s always ready to step in when Kaylee is about to risk her virtue with Nash.

But why is Tod really better than Michael?
1. Because he’s Tod.
2. Because he’s not 1/3 of a love triangle.
3. Because that Reaper has been around a lot longer and has proven himself worthy time and time again over the course of the series and not once has he faltered.
4. Because he’s about to do a lot of somethings that are so totally amazing in the next book that he would knock Jace Wayland off his throne of awesomeness."

Anything else you'd like to add?

I'd like to make a final plea for Tod. Those who've only read the first book or two of the series may not have gotten the warm and fuzzies over him. There may not have been any insta-love connection. I know it wasn't like that for me and Tod. I was a Nash fan all the way...

...All the way through the middle of the second book in the series when that slow anger toward Nash began building.

For those who have read all four books in the series and both novellas you may have a little more love for Tod, but still might not be fully convinced that he is crush-worthy. But let me tell you that he so totally is! And if this tourney was just a few months later, after the release of If I Die, I wouldn't even have to do anything to convince you here and now.

But Tod made me smile, he made me cry, he made me breathless and made my heart stop. More than once. If that doesn't make him crush-worthy I don't know what would.

Thanks so much, and I know that Tod would love your vote!

Michael (Seed 5)

The smoldering Michael is from Myra McEntire's debut novel Hourglass. You can find out more about her and Hourglass by clicking her name on our side bar. Plus you can check out our Teaser Tuesday of Hourglass
here. Michael is being rep'd by our own magnificent, honorary sister, Bethany.

Are you a literate lady looking for the most delicious fictional crush since Mr. Darcy? Well, look no further, girls… Michael Weaver has arrived!

If you’d like a southern gentleman with an edge, Michael is the man for you. Chivalry, honor and charm
aren’t dead, and Michael’s got them—in spades. He’ll hold open doors and win over your family. He puts his friends and family first, and won’t make promises he can’t keep. He even tips well!

What’s more, he is THE most selfless guy in this entire tournament. If not dying on your dates is important to you, Michael is the way to go. Unlike so many of the other guys in this competition, he won’t even think about killing you! Always a plus. Not only that, but he can—and has—died for love. You’re in safe, strong, big hands with him!

But most importantly, Michael is genuinely loving. He makes the girl he loves feel like the most special person in the world and will, literally, go to any lengths to protect her.

It’s probably a good thing that Michael is fictional, because if anyone this gorgeous were real, he’d have an army of stalkers on his hands. Throughout the book, he’s described as, “a prince too gorgeous to be walking around with peasants,” a dark angel, and an old-Hollywood, Cary Grant type.

Plus, he’s BUILT. And, if that doesn’t get you, what about the wickedly arched dark eyebrows, the olive skin, the defined cheekbones? The smell of citrus and clean laundry. The mellow, husky voice. And the mouth. The full, disarming mouth with a smile like “buttered biscuits and honey.”

Want a man who is fluent in Italian? He’s got you covered. He can drive a stick. He can understand complex physics.

Oh yeah, and he can time travel. There’s that.
Special Attributes:

Now here’s where it gets interesting, ladies. He generates the most insane chemistry with Emerson that they blow out light bulbs. Literally. He can give a full-body buzz simply by holding hands. Let us imagine the possibilities of that for a second….

Finally, to top it all off: He READS! You know you love a literate man, and Michael’s got a bookshelf full of Byron, Vonnegut, Orson Scott Card and Kerouac. If you think reading is sexy, vote for Michael.

What makes Michael better than Tod?

Now, I'm only on the second book of the Soul Screamers series, but I can safetly say that there is no competition between Michael and Tod. 

My fellow advocate says that it takes a few books for Tod to grow on you. I hope this is the case, because right now I don't see his appeal as a crush-worthy candidate. Sure, he'd probably make a cool friend, but this isn't the "Summer Friend Tournament."

For one thing, he's dead. How much chemistry can you have with a dead guy? He never eats (so dinner dates are out), sleeps (forget about pillow talk), or ages (would you want to be with a 17 year old boy forever?). What's more, even his own brother doesn't seem to like him very much, and says that Tod never does anything unless it's for personal gain. 

Michael, on the other hand, doesn't have to grow on you. He is immediately appealing, and only gets better from there. And, it's always pleasant to know that you don't have to worry about dying around him.  

Anything else you'd like to add?

I’ll just leave you with this passage:

He pulled me closer, trailing his mouth along the line of my jaw and down my neck. I held on to his jacket more tightly, pulling him even closer.

“I’m ready to get out of here,” he murmured in my ear. “Get you someplace I can kiss you properly.”

“This isn’t properly?” I was shaking again. What was it about this boy that made me shake? “If not, can I handle properly?”

“I’ll do my best to make sure you can.” He kissed his way across my cheekbone to my lips, his hands sliding under my jacket, his fingers burning against the cotton of my T-shirt. I couldn’t help thinking about how his hands would feel on my bare skin. “Or that you can’t handle it. Whatever you want.”