Wednesday, July 27, 2011

YA Crush Tourney Hale vs Zachary (Match #18) goes to Zachary!

In a close, heated race, the winner is...

Welcome to the 3rd round of the YA Summer Crushin' Tournament.  We are now down to The Excellent Eight.  In this round we will be moving to 1 match a day with matches being on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Polls will be open for 24 hours (8am to 8am) central time.  

We've tried as much as possible to keep everything spoiler free, but to really show the best qualities of a character sometimes spoilers are necessary, so BEWARE!!!  Also, feel free to write comments in the comments section about either character, but we will not tolerate rudeness.  The moment it crosses over from logical argument to rudeness, your comment will be deleted and your vote cancelled.  

W. W. Hale V (Seed 17)

W.W. Hale V is from The Heist Society series by Ally Carter.  You can find out more about Ally Carter and her books by clicking her name on the side reel of our blog.  Hale is represented by Deanne D, a Children's Librarian in NM. You can follow her on twitter @librarychickD.


W.W. Hale V (known just as “Hale”) from Heist Society and Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter is best friend to and possible, one-day, hopefully boyfriend to Katarina “Kat” Bishop. He is a lot of things but most of all he’s protective; protective of Kat, the family, their chosen profession, and even his first name, which he’ll never share. He’s smart, sarcastic, quick- thinking, loyal and an excellent thief.


Ally Carter is purposefully vague on the description of Hale; I think to allow each reader to imagine their own version of Hale. We know he has light brown hair, golden skin (most likely from spending time in exotic locales) and is tall with broad shoulders and is the hottest guy that Kat has ever laid eyes on. He’s also confident which makes him even hotter! Most girls instantly fall into love (lust?) with him but he only has eyes for Kat.


He’s a thief! And a darn good one at that! He’s also charming which helps with the thievery. He’s a good con-man and charming so he’s able to talk himself in and out of most situations. He’s smart and open-minded which helps him see solutions to get Kat out of trouble which she always seems to find or always finds her.

Special Attributes:

He’s rich, he has absentee parents so he’s free to travel the world using his family’s resources (private jets, villas) without anyone questioning him, and he’s got a trusting, faithful butler/valet to take care of him. He wears Superman pajama pants! How can you not love a guy who wears Superman pajama pants to bed, especially when he’s sleeping in a room with stolen masterpieces by Monet or Vermeer?

What makes Hale better than Zachary?

We all know that an accent is incredibly sexy and a guy that can wear a kilt? Nice!  But that's really all that Zachary has over our wonderful Hale!  Hale has taken to a life of crime in order to be with the girl he loves!  He follows her around the world and goes along with all of her crazy plans (with a minimum of grumbling).  Sure, he doesn't scare away ghosts but really how many of us have ghosts hanging around anyway?  But if you like that painting hanging in the museum downtown... Hale's your man!  And if you need to be expelled from a posh boarding school in an inventive way... Hale, once again, is your guy!  So just this one time I'll say: REAL MEN WEAR PANTS! 

Vote for Hale!!!

Zachary Moore (Seed 25)

Zachary is a character in Shade and Shift by Jeri-Smith Ready. You can learn more about the books by reading our review here. He is represented by Amy & Jen at Fictitious Delicious Twitter: @FictishDelish)


In a city in Maryland they call Baltimore,
Is a hot Scottish boy named Zachary Moore.
He says funny words like ‘bugger!’ and ‘aye’
And has moments so sweet that it makes us cry.
He’s bold, strong, and smart, a science geek,
Writes shoddy love poems, has a competitive streak.
He’s real good at soccer, which makes him quite fit.
He’ll call you ‘bonnie’ when you’re feeling like sh… (bugger, can’t say that) …crap.


A once ‘doughy’ lad, with eyes of green,
Has hair of dark brown that he keeps nicely clean.
He’s got giant hands, and you know what they say…
And those dimples of his? You can’t look away!


But of all his talents we surely can’t miss
Is the way this Scotsman knows how to kiss.
Now take it to the bridge!
Would he, could he, in a box?
Yes, and it’ll rock your socks!
Would he, could he, in a river?
Yes, and it’ll make you quiver!
He will kiss you here and there,
Why, he will kiss you everywhere!

Special Attributes:

For attributes, his accent is first on the list.
Watch him roll those R’s… yeah, you get the gist.
His mere presence will ward off those pesky ghosts
Which comes in handy when they bother you most.
And let’s not forget to mention the kilt,
Which fits on that body, so nicely built.

What makes Zach better than Hale?
When compared to our Zach, Hale’s far in the dust.
We’ll tell you why Zach is the one you should trust.
Hale’s got THREE arms and gives awkward hugs,
He tucks in his shirt and his hair is all plugs!
Also, we feel we’d be doing a disservice
By not telling you he passes gas when he’s nervous.
NO! JUST KIDDING! But what else could we do?
Zach is our love, but Hale is great, too!
But voting Zach Moore for worthiest crush
Will earn you a teaser that might make you blush!

Anything else you’d like to add?
Remember that Zachary is lastly seeded,
So your vote for him surely is needed!
Jeri Smith-Ready has promised a teaser
If Zachary wins! So don’t vote at leisure!
Vote NOW for TEAM KILT for best crush fictitious,
(And then see our blog, Fictitious Delicious!)

Thanks to you bonnie lasses at YA Sisterhood!!!