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YA Crush Tourney: Vincent vs Jack (Match #7) Goes to Jack



Before we get started:

There might be some spoilers in the following posts.  We tried to keep it as general as possible, but overall this tourney will not be spoiler free, SO BEWARE!

First off, you are free to write your own comments about either character in the comment section, but we will not tolerate rudeness.  The minute it crosses over between logical argument to character bashing, your comments will be deleted and your vote canceled.  You may vote as many times at you like.  Voting will be open for 40 hours.  Because we will all be at the midnight showing of the last (tear) Harry Potter voting hours will be a little different.  The polls will (this time only) open at 11am Wednesday morning and close at 3AM Thursday night/Friday morning.

Vincent (Seed 10)

The smokin' hot Vincent is rep'd by the fabulous Carli B.  Go follow her on twitter @Emberchyld (and for knitters, that’s my Ravelry name, too).  Check out her blog too at  Vincent is a revenant from Amy Plum's Die For Me, for more information you can check out our review here.


He’ll take you, on his Vespa, to the most romantic parts of Paris.  A courtyard of dreamy little shoppes in the Village Saint-Paul, little restaurants in the Marais, tiny out-of-the way cafes for coffee and the best hot chocolate you’ll ever drink, the Pont des Arts (with the Eiffel Tower twinkling in the background… Ooh-la-la), a tiny rowboat on the river Seine.  You’ll have the most romantic and handsome tour guide on your visit to the City of Lights.
He will die for you… and you… and you.  He is the definition of self-sacrifice.  And yet, despite his revenant urges, he’s willing to grow old with and for you.
He doesn’t fall in love easily and doesn’t let go of his love—seriously, he held onto his love for Helene for seventy years after her death.  Imagine, with that track record, how long he’ll continue to love you.


With Vincent, your heart will stop at the sight of those green as he leans in to give you the traditional two bises on the cheek.
“He looked like a god straight out of a Renaissance painting, his brown skin stretched tightly over his muscular torso and black hair falling back from his face in waves.”
And, “Vincent was wearing baggy black karate pants but was barefoot and shirtless.  When he spun with the sword, his rock-hard abdominal muscles and broad chest rippled as he raised and lowered his weapon.  He was chiseled, but not pumped up like Ambrose.   He was perfect.”


Sword fighting.  Shirtless.  See above.
He has a Law Degree, which can definitely come in handy if you plan on hanging out with paranormal people.  Heck, it can come in handy any time.
He has a talented tongue and is not afraid to use it… (Get your minds out of the gutter!  I meant that he can speak a lot of languages!  But, yeah, that second thing, too…)
When he’s volant, he can be around you without anyone else knowing—but he’ll ask before visiting.

Special Attributes:

He lives in a Parisian castle (of sorts) with a housekeeper who makes the most amazing little pastries and fruit platters and breakfasts.  You’ll never be hungry… ever.
He’s wonderful when it comes to the little details-- when he comes to dinner, he’ll bring flowers for your grandmother and before going dead to the world for three days… he’ll find and watch your favorite movie with you. 

What makes your guy better than his competitor?

Basically, being with Vincent is simpler.  It’s like breathing air.  There aren’t any questions—it was just meant to be.
See, Vincent doesn’t have any baggage—though he loved Helene and she’ll still be a special part of his memories, she’s dead and gone.  Unfortunately, if you have Jack, you’re stuck with Mimi, as well.  And when you’re dealing with a bond made in heaven and almost re-formed in this lifetime, that’s quite a lot of baggage.
He will also never ask you to sneak around with him—he’s upfront about his love and will take you all around the city to show it, while being with Jack was immensely complicated.  Crashing a wedding?  A secret apartment?  It’s just so much easier to go a lovely room in a French estate and eat fresh bon-bons made by a smiling Frenchwoman.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Uhm, shirtless swordfighting?  Yeah, that works.
Blog:  twitter: Emberchyld (and for knitters, that’s my Ravelry name, too)

Jack (Seed 23)

The gorgoeous Jack is from Melissa de la Cruz's popular Blue Bloods series.  For more information on this series check it our here.  Jack is rep'd by the awesome Amanda!  You can follow her on twitter @apedulla and her blog at


 He has a calm and collective personality but easily shows violent tendencies because of his character (i.e Angel of Destruction). He shows a very tender and caring side towards Allegra Van Alen (Gabrielle, The Uncorrupted) and later to her daughter, Schuyler Van Alen. He frequently showers them with his affection, often composing poems or songs for Allegra and her previous incarnation and romantic dinner dates with Schuyler. When overcome with Abbadon's personality, he is often violent especially with his twin, Mimi. Despite this, he is loyal to his friends and family and tries his best to help them. He is also easy to fall in love with.  He is wealthy and strong. He is every girls dream, with his personality. Even if he gets angry, protective, writes poems, you got a love a man who could write you a love poem!  From the very first pages mentioning him in Blue Bloods, you know he is the catch of the year !! Sounds Great to me... Can I marry him?


He is described by many of the female population as "painfully handsome" with the usual: platinum blond hair, graceful, athletic, etc... He has a calm and collective personality but easily shows violent tendencies because of his character (i.e Angel of Destruction).
"The two of them [Mimi and Jack] shared the same pale, platinum blond hair, the same creamy, translucent skin, the same hooded green eyes, and the same long, slender limbs."
I could just picture him, the way Melissa de la Cruz describes him. HOT, HOT and and burning Hot, (well he was in Hell) One look, you will fall in love with this beautiful HOT Blue Blood. I even think he's hotter than Edward, even though I loved the Twilight Series, nobody, I mean nobody will compare to Jack Force! Plus, I like green eyes on a boy.


He can communicate with other Blue Bloods through their minds. Great Kisser, Protects the people he loves.  Plus I do think is is a great kisser because Schuyler in Book two: Masquerade describes this kiss as one she can't forget. But since they had masks, she didn't find this out until the next book Revelations

"Jack Force is captain of the lacrosse team; lead in every school play (Konstantin inThe Seagull and Melchior in Spring Awakening);
Jack performs at a stellar academic and athletic level. He is a natural leader to his peers, and only in comparison to his more loquacious twin does he come across as reticent and taciturn. Those who know him well describe him as funny and charming, and never to be found without a book in his hand. Jack is a frequent visitor to the Repository library"
- From Keys to the Repository

Special Attributes:

His number one attribute would be his smarts. In Revelations, a way of communicating to Schuyler was through literature. He used books, numbers, where she is to meet him. I would also believe he is also a great to make out with. When reading all of the series so far, the best parts are with Jack and Schuyler, and how the relationship would last. He really cares about her, and he tries to hide his anger but he can't. He would risk his life to save and be with Schuyler. I think that he's the man of my dreams, don't you ? Plus if am in trouble he can sense it!

Why is her better than his competitor?

Jack is the better competitor because he is :
A vampire (Blue Blood), He is part of the Committee for the Blue Bloods, has a gentle side, Fell in love with Schuyler (it is forbidden), Lives in the beautiful City of New York
Before he was Jack Force he was Abbadon, Angel of Destruction, Twin Angel of the Apocalypse, the Unlikely, Destroyer of Worlds, Broke his Bond with Mimi, so follow his one true love Schuyler
Was nicknamed 'Blackjack' in childhood because of his tantrums. It was later shortened to 'Jack' in adolescence.  He smokes.  He knows he's destined to stay with Mimi but he can't help to stray to Schuyler Van Alen, even though he falls in love with her. Even if he smokes, he can always stop, but it gives him the bad boy vibe which every girl goes for.
He is better than any of these other competitors because of his loyalty, love and compassion

Anything else you'd like to add?

His full name is Benjamen Force.
Occupation: Student, Committee Member

Family members: Madeleine(Mimi) Force, Charles Force and Trinity Force

If you are interested in any other information read Melissa de la Cruz's Keys to the Repository, It tells you a lot of background info about the characters. Thanks to Melissa for creating this magnificent character we all love and adore. I can't wait to read Lost In Time:) if you haven't read the series, I recommend you do, you will want to read them all, because the plot is amazing

Vote for Jack Force................... Every Girls Dream Boy+Vampire

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